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Cinda B Roll Up Makeup Bag
Cinda B Hanging Makeup Bag

Roll up travel makeup bags are a necessity if you do any amount of travel for business or pleasure. For convenience they just can't be beat, as they provide a way to organize your cosmetic and skin care products in an easy-to-pack manner. Take a look at some of the options available so you can pick your favorite before your next trip.

cinda b

The Hanging Cosmetic Bag from cinda b is a high-quality option that rolls-up for travel. The company provided me with a few bags for review, so I can state with confidence that this particular bag is designed with the needs of travelers in mind.

Ample Storage

It has six clear plastic storage compartments and one that is not see-through, making it easy to pack important beauty products and other small items in an organized way. This American-made bag is well-made from high quality, easy-to-wipe-clean quilted fabric and features built-in carrying handles. The zippers and stitching are sturdy, and the bag holds up well during all types of travel.

I used my cinda b bag for several business trips and an RV camping getaway and am very pleased with it. I was able to store and organize all of my makeup and skin care necessities, along with other personal care items, hair ties, and costume jewelry.

Ideal for Travel

A review on the Mommy Mandy blog indicates the bag is ideal for travelers and dorm-dwellers alike, stating that it "will keep all of your cosmetics and toiletries out of the way but at your beck and call."

You can order the bag directly from the cinda b website, as well as from This bag retails for $56 and comes in more than ten attractive patterns in several color schemes.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay also has a high-quality Travel Roll-Up Bag that is convenient and easy to use for travel and other purposes. I have owned and used one of these bags for several years, so I also have firsthand experience with this product.

Detachable Features

It features four zipper-top pouches made from clear plastic. While there are fewer compartments on this bag than the one from cinda b, the pouches themselves are larger and, most importantly, detachable.

The detachable pouches are handy for a few reasons:

  • They are big enough to hold most full-size shampoo and conditioner bottles, which is a great feature for road trips lasting a week or longer.
  • The pouches attach to the bag shell with Velcro, so it is quick and easy to put them in place for travel and to remove them as needed.
  • The shell itself is vinyl, making it easy to wipe the bag clean.

My experience with this bag has also been very positive. I have found it to be particularly handy when traveling with my husband, as it's very convenient to be able to place his toiletry items in one of the pouches knowing that it can easily be removed when we arrive at our destination. It's also nice to be able to put sunscreen and other outdoor items in their own pouch so they are in easy reach to toss in a backpack or beach bag for outings.

A Handy Bag

The bag also has a number of positive reviews on Makeup Alley, with consumers using terms like "cute" and "handy" to describe the bag. One reviewer states, "This is the best beauty case I have ever owned."

You can purchase a Mary Kay Travel Roll-Up Bag from a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, which is how I got mine. If you don't already work with a consultant, use the consultant locator on the Mary Kay website to find a local representative. You can also often find these bags available for sale on eBay. The bag retails for $30. It is available only in black with pink trim.

Choosing the Right Bag

Selecting the right cosmetic bag for your travel needs requires taking your travel preferences into consideration. If you generally travel for just a few days at a time, a small bag may be your best option. This is also true if you are packing for air travel and want to take up as little space in your luggage as possible.

If you take longer trips or travel with several people, a larger bag with more pockets or removable pouches may be best for you. You may want to purchase a few bags so that you're prepared for any travel opportunities that come your way.

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