Rocker Makeup

Rocker woman with guitar
Get a look that rocks!

If you want to portray a hard and edgy musician who's all about the music, perfecting your rocker makeup will help you fit into this fantasy.

Hallmarks of Rocker Makeup

Like the music that inspires this look, rocker makeup is far from soft. It's blunt, dramatic and sometimes dark. While most male pop singers may steer away from cosmetics, guys who rock out aren't afraid of a little eyeliner (or guyliner). Rocker makeup can suit both men and women who love to get crazy onstage.

The typical rocker makeup look will include:

  • Dark eye makeup
  • Obvious blush
  • Lipstick in dark or pale shades

If you're looking for singers to emulate when it comes to applying your makeup, think of artists like Pink, Avril Lavigne or Joan Jett. Their looks are feminine, but have a hard edge to them that let people know they're serious about their music.

How to Get That Rocker Look

When choosing colors for your rocker makeup, consider deep blue, violet, indigo, black, charcoal, red and a little pink. Whether or not you're actually playing a set in front of an audience, you want your makeup to last, so waterproof mascara is a must.

To create your look, have these items ready:

  • Foundation or powder
  • Eyebrow brush and pencil
  • Eyeliner
  • Eye shadows
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss

These steps can transform you from girl next door to rocker babe:

  1. Even out your skin with foundation if needed, but if your complexion is already clear, dust on a light coat of loose powder. Rocker chicks don't concern themselves with having matte skin since they're going to get hot and sweaty once they begin to play or sing.
  2. Color in any sparse areas of your eyebrows with a pencil. It's fine to go one or two shades darker since bold brows will only enhance this look.
  3. Apply eye shadows in deep colors. A smoky eye is always popular with rockers, but even if you don't want to go all out with that particular look, eyeliner is essential. Use dark shadow in the crease and bring it out just past the outer corners. A highlight color in pearl or silver right under the browbone adds dramatic contrast.
  4. Choose black, charcoal or indigo eyeliner and line your upper and lower lids. You can smudge or blend the lines, but you can also just apply and leave it as is. Hard liner is perfect for rocker makeup.
  5. Finish off the eyes with several coats of black mascara.
  6. Color cheeks with a bold blush color. This look isn't about imitating the perfect flush -- it's about highlighting your cheekbones with color. Dark pink, red and bronze all work well. It's not as necessary to blend your blush well when you're creating a rocker image. You want those cheeks to stand out.
  7. Lips can be dramatic and dark or you can choose softer colors. Use a lip liner that matches your lip color and apply it just outside of your natural lip line if your lips are thin. You're after that perfect pout. If you go with red, follow lipstick with a coat of gloss to maximize the shine factor. Pale lips can also stand out with gloss over a natural balm or soft pink.

Guys who want to play the rocker role don't need to go all out, but dark guyliner and maybe a touch of lip balm will give them quite an edge.

Complete the Look

The makeup helps create your rocker image, but it can't do it all. Don't forget a great rocker hairstyle and outfit to complete your rockin' persona. Now grab your guitar and get ready to rock out all night long!

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Rocker Makeup