Revlon Skinlights Product Review

Luminousity like this can be yours!

If you want luminous, dewy looking skin, then check out this Revlon Skinlight's product review.

Revlon's Skinlights: Youthful Looking Skin

I, like most women, search in vain for the one product that is going to make me look like a goddess. After perusing several of the top fashion magazines, I began to notice a growing trend; models with skin so dewy you'd think they'd been kissed by moonbeams!

A little investigation, and about $10.00 later, I found myself face to face with Revlon's Skinlights.

Actual Revlon Skinlight's Product Review

The Application

The Revlon Skinlight I chose was the Natural Light formula. Happy at the prospect of using a product that claims "…instant illumination with long lasting luminosity, evens skin tone and gives all-over radiance", I got started with the application right away. As per instructions, I shook the lotion well and proceed to apply it on the apples of my cheeks. Below are my findings for this Revlon Skinlight's product review.

Pros and Cons Description

My cheeks were immediately a washed in a subtle "glow". It feels as if the light is literally bouncing off of my skin. Luminosity is mine!

  • I like it so much that I've put it on the bow of my lips; a makeup tip that is supposed to help your lips appear larger.
  • I'm doing so well I've decided to dab a little bit in the corners of my eyes. To my surprise, I look rather good. I can also see this product working rather well under a natural toned blush. Just imagine this kind of luminosity couple with a rosy hue- ravishing!

Okay, I've gotten a little too liberal with the Skinlights application and now am glowing like a Christmas tree.

  • I quickly rectify the situation by brushing on a little loose powder…. much better. Crisis avoided. What is the lesson here? Use a light hand when applying. A little of this product goes a long way.
  • Although my eyes look fantastic, they are burning slightly. Try not to get any of the product in your eye, or you'll find yourself blinking furiously. Even worse, you may tear up. On occasion, falling asleep in your makeup is acceptable, but be careful if you are wearing this product.
  • It may cause you to break out. Err on the side of caution and wash your face as usual before bed.

Where To Wear It

There is no denying it, for the gal who loves to glow just like those supermodels nestled in the shiny pages of her favorite magazines, this product works great. Now that you've got tons of glow, the only question is, where should you take it? Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • A Dinner Date

This product is a must if you are going on a date. Couple this kind of luminosity with the soft glow of candlelight and your date will wonder if he's sitting across from an angel. No, seriously, the glow is that good.

A word of advice: skip applying Revlon's Skinlights to the inner corners of your eyes and use a gold or silver eyeliner instead. This way you won't run the risk of dabbing at your eyes all night long.

Also, feel free to dab a drop of this lotion just under your brow bone; it takes the place of a champagne or bone colored eyebrow perfectly.

Other places to wear Skinlights:

  • Family Gatherings/ Functions
  • Religious Services
  • Sporting Events
  • Parties

You can also wear it too work, but use a light hand. You want your work to shine, not your face.

A Final Note

Visit Once there, you can take a tour through their "Product Recommender". It's a great tool that will tell you, based on your skin type, hair color and eye color, which makeup colors and products work best on you.

You can also register with Revlon to get a heads up on all the latest limited edition products, as well as a full run down on all their different lines of makeup.


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Revlon Skinlights Product Review