Revlon Lipstick Review

Nude lips can convey attitude and still be beautiful!

My Revlon lipstick review was the opportunity I've been looking for. For some time now I have been considering whether or not I should jump on the nude lipstick bandwagon. With stars like Jennifer Lopez, Hilary Duff and Jennifer Aniston sporting the look, I figured it was high time that I tried it out. Hopefully Revlon could help me pull off this makeup coup.

Revlon Lipstick Review: Super Lustrous

If you are wondering why I turned to Revlon for my lipstick needs, the answer is simple. I had so much success with my Revlon Skinlight's review that this seemed like the natural next step.

Before starting the application process, I carefully perused Jennifer Lopez's look. Sultry eyes? Check. Glowing skin? Double check. Shiny nude lips? This was a problem. I'd always erred on the side of lipstick caution, choosing lip colors that gently color my lips in a soft pink. Yes, I am one of those timid women that live in constant fear of red lipstick, but alas, that is for another review.

My one problem with nude lipstick is that it always seems to make me looked washed out. Figuring that I should conquer my fear (I'll leave red lips for another day), I opted for a non-threatening nude look.

The Application

I chose Revlon's Super Lustrous lipstick in Nude. It was time to get started on my new celebrity makeup look. Here are my findings.

Pros and Cons Description

Goes on smoothly.

  • No tugging and annoying pulling here. My nude Revlon lipstick went on smoothly. Moisture galore.
  • Not only is this lipstick smooth, but it also bathed my lips in moisture. Nice color.
  • The color was pretty good. It didn't look so pale that I looked like the walking dead, but was rather a soft, shiny color of nakedness. My natural lips, dressed up to its very presentable best.

The need for balance.

  • Well, because my lips were in the nude, it caused my face to look, well, naked. Correct this by using a bright eyeliner or by relying on some tried and true smoky eye makeup tips. Once this was achieved, the overall look was pleasing. Not exactly long-wearing.
  • Although this lipstick infused my lips with moisture, it did eventually fade away. This wasn't such a big deal, however, since it did last for a good while. Nothing a quick touch-up won't fix!

The Overall Results

Overall, this is definitely a product I can see myself using. Here are some more reasons why I recommend it:

  • Perfect for a job interview.

Anyone who's made the mistake of piling on too much makeup for a job interview will appreciate the subtly of this Revlon lipstick. Alternatively it will also save you if you've made the mistake of not wearing makeup for a job interview (employers like to see a little makeup and well-kept nails; it shows that you take care of and value yourself).

  • You can apply this lipstick anywhere".

Because there's no harsh color to contend with, applying this lipstick in a darkened cab, swiping it quickly across your lips in a moving elevator, or even quickly applying it at the table after dinner is possible (don't get carried away with applying makeup at the dinner table. Anything more than a quick swipe is considered a major faux pas).

  • Blends easily.

Another great thing about having a nude lipstick in your makeup arsenal is that it can quickly fix any lipstick errors. Say, for example, you got off the wrong makeup foot and applied a garish looking hot pink lipstick. No worries if you have a nude lipstick. Simply swiping the nude on top of the hot pink look will produce a very pleasing soft pink.

As with too bright lipsticks, nudes also work like a charm against too dark shades. Again, the mixture of the two can produce pleasing results.

A Final Note

All in all, this is a great lipstick shade and I highly recommend it. I may be no closer to looking like Jennifer Lopez, but at least my lips are an inviting, pleasing and pretty shade of pale. This Revlon lipstick review has proven very noteworthy.

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Revlon Lipstick Review