Retro Makeup

Retro Makeup Ideas

Whether you want to channel a hot roaring 20s look or rock a 70s inspired fashion, retro makeup is a fun to wear.

Who doesn't love to experiment with different styles and ideas from time to time? If you'd rather get creative than tirelessly apply your standard makeup routine, perhaps it's time to try a few no-fail retro makeup ideas.

From the 20s to the 90s, there's a makeup look from the past to fit for nearly anyone.

Roaring 1920s Style

The roaring twenties flapper looks relied on red lipstick and matte complexions.

To get this look, make sure you have plenty of loose powder on hand and blot repeatedly.

Add a dramatic matte red lipstick for a glamorous edge.

Channel Your 80s Side

The 80s were filled with bright bubblegum colors and fruity hues.

To channel this retro style, seek out bold eyeshadows in primary and tertiary colors. Paint nails to match and add a coat of hot pink gloss for endless shine.

Rock a Girly 70s Style

For the 70s loving glamour gal, red glossy lips and chic short nails painted in the same bold color is sure to turn heads.

Paired with a center part and large sunglasses, this retro makeup look defines the sex appeal of the 70s.

Emulate Vintage Madonna Style

If you want to capture Madonna's early 90s look, invest in plenty of black mascara and black eyeliner for a dramatic cat eye.

For added sophistication, why not pencil in a beauty mark right above the lip?

A Madonna-inspired look is classic, sexy and unique at the same time.

Hippie Chic

For the earth mother, a natural color palette is a must.

Stick with sheer glosses in earth or nude tones for totally kissable lips. Add a hint of color with a gel or cream blush and relax in hippie style.

Vintage Red Lips

To truly capture some of the most distinct looks of retro eras, pay attention to lip colors and application ideas.

Today, makeup is soft, well blended and much more planned.

For more vintage makeup styles, be sure to check out our old school makeup ideas.

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