Quality Vegan Cosmetics

Natural never looked so good!

The treatment of animals is no longer the concern of just a few. In fact, the movement has grown exponentially within the last twenty years, with several companies now offering high quality vegan cosmetics. If you haven't yet explored this new niche of the makeup world, its time you did!

Learn About Quality Vegan Cosmetics

When the term "vegan" is used to describe a makeup product, it means that no ingredient, derived from an animal, is in that product. This includes animal byproducts. In layman's terms, this means that common animal ingredients, for example, beeswax, is not in the product. In other words, no animal was harmed, or even manipulated into, the making of the product.

So, is it possible to have quality vegan cosmetics that provide the same coverage and color density makeup users have grown accustomed to through the years? Yes, it is! Amazingly, these products are able to provide high quality coverage through the use of plants and botanical extracts. This is truly amazing because now one can feel really great applying makeup that allows you to look gorgeous and have a clear conscious!

Explore the World of Vegan Cosmetics

With that in mind, it's time to begin exploring the world of high quality vegan cosmetics. Here's where to start:

The Vegan Store

The name truly says it all with this online site; its true one-stop shopping for all things vegan. From shirts to stickers, it's all here, but perhaps most importantly, so is a tremendous array of cosmetics. In the cosmetics section of this online site, you have two choices. One can shop via cosmetics type or by brand.

  • Cosmetics by Type: This category is just that; shop only the particular product you are looking for. Here, that means browsing through the eyes, face, lips and nails section. For example, clicking on the "eyes" icon brings you to image after glorious image of different products for the eyes. Soft kohl liners, liquid liners and eye shadows, all in an astounding array of colors, are all available and just ripe for the picking! The best part of all? Probably the low prices of just $9.99 to $14.51!
  • Cosmetics by Brand: Several different brands are available in this section, including Zia and Ecco Bella. This is a great option if you'd like to see an entire line of makeup and peruse what a specific brand has to offer.

Another great reason to visit this site is their Common Questions page. This is because everything from the definition of vegan, to how the company accepts payments, is discussed.

Alternative Outfits Vegan Boutique

This site is so adorable and chock full of a variety of makeup products that you'll just want to squeal with delight! And best of all, every cosmetic listed is vegan! Quite seriously, the product display is so numerous; your eyes won't know where to look first. Here are some highlights to help you decide:

  • Crazy Rumors La Mode Lip Balms: For only $3.95, you can choose from delicious lip balm flavors that range from Orange Creamsicle to Raspberry Sherbet to Almond Fudge. Doesn't that sound delicious?
  • BUC Ultra Find Pressed Powder: this finely pressed powder promises to blend easily, provide natural coverage and even out skin tone, but what's really exciting is that the powder is shaped like a swan. Very cute indeed.
  • BUC Creamy Vegan Eye Makeup Remover: Now this is a product that is simply genius! What woman isn't constantly in need of a gentle, non-stinging eye makeup remover? For $9.95, this could be it!

Urban Decay

While it's true that not all of this company's products are vegan, Urban Decay does state quite clearly that they are a "cruelty-free company". That said however, the company does offer several vegan certified products, and it's very easy to find these products on the site because they all have a "purple paw" next to them. Do not hesitate to check these makeup products out; you will love them!

Cruelty-Free and Still Beautiful

Incorporating vegan cosmetics into your lifestyle doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality or beauty. In fact, wearing cruelty-free cosmetics can show the world your inner beauty too.

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Quality Vegan Cosmetics