Punk Rock Makeup

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Do you need punk rock makeup ideas? If you're ready to channel your inner rock star, a punk rock makeup look may be just the thing you need to polish off your rebellious image.

Punk Rock Makeup Ideas

Cosmetics not only emphasize, flatter, and/or distract from facial features, they have the magnificent ability to transform your appearance. The right makeup choices can help define your image by pulling together your look from head to toe. If you're going for a punk look, you've got to make sure your cosmetics flow with your otherwise unruly fashion if you want your image to be taken seriously.

Punk rock makeup has a unique look that is easy to emulate. Chances are, you already have everything you need to create a punk look tucked away in your cosmetic bag. Whether you're fronting the band or going out for a night of dancing, these application tips will ensure you're dressed the part.


Before applying punk inspired cosmetics, you'll need to ensure your complexion is flawless and even in tone. To achieve a matte texture, lightly apply foundation and blend. To minimize dark under eye circle, use concealer and lightly tap coverage under and into the corners of the eyes. Follow foundation application with a dusting of loose powder to blot excess oil and shine.


Punk rock lips can vary from bright, vividly hued pouts to dark blood red shades, depending on the look you're going for. Those seeking a cyber punk image should select neon-like, bubblegum pink shades of lipstick, while Goth or emo punks look their best in wine or dark chocolate hues.


Punks tend to forgo blush. If you can't bare to skip your rosy glow, apply a light pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend thoroughly. To keep your look bold and dramatic, avoid bronzing powders and apricot toned blush, which will add an earthy vibe to your alley worthy palette.


Punk rock eye makeup is generally bold and fierce, and very easy to brush on. To create a punk eye, line lids with a black liquid eyeliner. Apply a dark charcoal or black eye shadow over the liquid line and blend until the desired smoky eye effect is achieved. For the perfect punk eye shadow palette, check out Hard Candy's Quartet in Disco.

Although a smoky eye best defines the punk rock look, don't be afraid to push the envelope and experiment with fantasy and bold, statement making eye shadow colors such as Mac Cosmetics Electric Eel. emerald green or fluorescent yellow shades. To pull of such wild and vivid colors, make sure your lips and cheeks stay as neutral as possible.


To separate and define lashes, mascara is a must! For a unique rocker look, pair eye shadows with either a black or colored mascara. Bright blue or plum mascaras help to create a tough, rocker look while naturally flattering and enhancing eye colors.

Punk Rock Special Effects

Once you've mastered the basics of punk rock cosmetic application, you can feel free to experiment with special effects to emphasize your eccentric look.

  • False eyelashes: False eyelashes help to create a dramatic and exaggerated lash line. False eyelashes can be applied in singles or an entire false lash. For the most natural appearance, apply false lashes in the corners of the eyes.
  • Rhinestones: Temporary rhinestone appliqués can be applied directly onto your face to add sparkle and a decorative flair. When placed at the corners of the cheekbones or at the inner rim of the eye, rhinestones add just enough pop to complete your eccentric style.
  • Glitter: Glitter is yet another means to sparkle. Glitter cosmetics are available in a wide range of forms, in a variety of colors. Glitter eye pencils, glitter powders and glitter gels can be applied liberally to illuminate your punk look.
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