Punk Eyeliner

Girl wearing punk eyeliner
Punk cosmetics focuses on the eyes.

If you want your makeup to reflect your non-conformist personality, you're probably a pro at applying punk eyeliner. While many people equate punk eye makeup with nothing but the color black, and may even confuse it with goth looks, you can be creative when designing a punk look.

Punk Makeup

Punk girls do not shy away from makeup. They tend to have a lot of fun experimenting and trying out new colors. One thing most people will notice about punk makeup is that it's heavy around the eye area. This is usually the area of focus. If you want to define your eyes, it's worth taking extra time and care to apply punk eyeliner well.

Still not sure what a punk look is? Think Avril Lavigne or Pink. They're edgy and glam at the same time. Both use punk eyeliner to really make their eyes pop. Avril, in particular, with her startling blue eyes, knows how to use dark eyeliner to her advantage.

If you're confused about the difference between punk makeup vs. goth makeup, punk girls typically let their natural skin tone shine through, instead of covering with ultra-light makeup that makes them appear very pale.

The Right Tools

Before applying your makeup, you need to assemble the right products to make sure your face lets everyone know you're punk. What cosmetics does a punk girl need in her makeup case for dramatic eyes?

  • Eyeliner in liquid or pencil
  • Mascara
  • Eye shadows in various colors

While black and charcoal may be the first colors that come to mind, you can also indulge in midnight blue, indigo, deep violet, dark pink and even bright colors like green and yellow. For a nighttime look, consider glittery colors that will show up well under the pulsing lights of your favorite night spot.

Applying Punk Eyeliner

Once you've prepped your face, it's time to make up those eyes. You can apply eye shadow before or after you apply eyeliner. In general, apply eye shadow first if you're using liquid liner.

  1. Place eye shadow where desired. You can either apply light shadow all over the lid and up to the browbone or just on the eyelids.
  2. Follow up with dark shadow in the crease if desired.
  3. Apply punk eyeliner in a thin or thick line across the upper eyelid. Stop at the corner of the eye or extend just past the corner. You may want to apply two or three coats if you're going for an especially dark look.
  4. Line the bottom eyelid from inner corner to outer corner. Some women apply the liner on the inside as well as the outside of the eyelid.
  5. Apply two to three coats of black mascara.

If using pencil eyeliner, smudge and blend well to create a smoky eye look. You can also use liquid only on the upper lid and pencil on the lower lid - blend the pencil under the lower lid for a smudgy, careless look.

Thinking Outside the Color Box

Punks today don't only adhere to dark colors, so if pink, white and silver appeal to you, have fun with them! Punk girls can still have dramatic eyes without all the deep colors. If you use pink eye shadow, try punk eyeliner in a darker pink or brown. Bright yellow eye shadow can be coordinated with indigo or black eye liner. There are no rules when it comes to punk makeup, so pull out whatever is in your makeup case and experiment.

Punk Looks

While punk eyeliner is a big part of identifying your look, hair and clothing also come into play. Unlike goths, who typically stick to dark hair, punk hair colors can be a variety of rainbow shades, and include buzz cuts and asymmetrical designs as well. Whether you consider yourself a punk or punk rocker or emo girl, have fun with punk eyeliner in whatever colors look fantastic on you.

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