Prom Eye Makeup

Get prom makeup ideas with these pictures!

It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to dress up with your classmates and look like a million bucks, so teaching yourself some glamorous prom eye makeup tricks is definitely a good idea. If anything, it will give you some ideas to toy around with as you make those inevitably difficult decisions that accompany prom night - namely choosing your dress and shoes!

Getting Ready for Prom Night

It's almost a no brainer: At least one part of your ensemble will be devastatingly glamorous on prom night. Whether that applies to your clothes, your accessories or your makeup is your choice. If you favor bold, head-turning looks, you might wish to make a huge style statement with strong colors on your face and your dress. But if you're more of a low-key gal, you may feel more comfortable with neutral makeup and a bold dress or vice versa. That's the beauty of prom night - it gives you the chance to go all out in your own way!

Deciding on Prom Eye Makeup

There are a number of eye looks you can create for the big night. Ranging from subtle and elegant to sassy and vibrant, there's something to suit every personality and complement every dress. Here are just a few prom eye makeup ideas to get you started.

Get Noticed

Eyes that are guaranteed to get you noticed will almost always be bright, smoldering or sparkling (or even some variation of the three, if you're creative enough to pull it off!). Here are a few vivacious ideas to add some pizzazz to your prom makeup.

  • Smoky and Shiny. Metallics may not be the best colors to wear on a daily basis, but they're just what you want on prom night. Begin by applying an eye shadow base, such as Benefit F.Y…eye, to your lids. Line your lash lines with black liner and smudge gently. Dip a liner brush into black or charcoal eye shadow and run it over the smudged liner.

Now it's time to make use of those shiny sheens! Apply a metallic color all over the lid. Choose a shade that is slightly neutral, such as champagne. Next, apply a metallic shadow one shade darker to the crease, brushing it to the inner corner of the eye so that it meets the smudged black liner. Use a full shadow brush to lightly blend the liner and shadow. Curl your lashes and finish with two coats of black mascara.

  • Minimally Bold. It may seem like a contradiction in terms, but it's entirely possible to achieve flashy eyes without loading up on tons of different products. Try this: Cover your lids with a base, and follow by dusting a bold monochrome, like violet, fuchsia, turquoise or a plum-brown if you prefer darker shades. Finish with a thick line of glitter, such as NARS Glitter Pencil, along the top lash line, or smudge a slightly less dramatic gold liner along the lower lash line.

Keep it Clean

If you're planning to wear bright red lipstick or otherwise call attention to your pout with heavy gloss or shimmer, you may want to keep your eye makeup on the understated side. Paired with a low chignon or an elegant French twist, your makeup will complete a flawless picture.

  • Soft and Sparkling: Emulate the dazzling effect of a glass of champagne. Start by applying base to your lids. Then dust on a shimmery champagne hue, such as Urban Decay Blaze or Sellout, and apply a warm color to the crease, like Make Up For Ever Copper Fawn or Pink Brown.

Finish with a stroke of black liquid or gel eyeliner along the top lash line, etching it slightly outward and upward for an optional yet delicate catlike effect. This look pairs well with a deeper lip and glowing cheeks.

  • Easy and Fast: You might choose to keep your eyes exceptionally simple on prom night. In this case, you can accentuate your lids with a hint of dark brown eyeliner smudged lightly along the lower lash line. Follow with a base all over the lid, a light coat of a fairly mute shadow, like Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow N P Brown 830. Finish with a coat or two of black mascara.

Final Tips

  • Remember that your makeup should be balanced. If your lips are strong, your eyes should be low-key, and vice versa. Dust a light pink or fresh peach blush on your cheekbones for a healthy, natural glow.
  • If you want to amp up the drama, wear false eyelashes. They're available in various lengths and colors and can instantly transform your lashes into red carpet-worthy works of art.
  • If you aren't confident in your makeup application skills, practice for a week or so beforehand to achieve the look you really want. And if all else fails, don't hesitate to book an appointment at a cosmetic counter. Most makeup artists are only too happy to create the perfect prom face!
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