Professional Makeup Kits

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Professional makeup kits are typically designed for makeup artists' use and not for the general population. Most women just need certain products that adhere to their own personal makeup needs, while a professional kit should have a much larger range of products. This is because a professional will need to apply makeup to a vast array of different clients.

Brands for Professional Makeup Kits

Professional makeup ranges in cost. How much you spend depends on the brand name, but also on the quality and quantity of makeup, whether accessories like professional brushes are included, and the number of alternate color choices.

The following are a few popular brands:

  • The Hollywood Makeup Starter Kit: A starter kit like this is perfect for the up-and-coming makeup artist looking to take on some clients.
  • Maxima Professional Makeup Kit: Another incredible kit, the Maxima professional makeup kit includes all the makeup you will need, as well as several bonus accessories and other products.
  • MAC PRO: The MAC brand is a favorite among makeup artists, and their PRO line can be purchased by certified professionals. For those starting out, they also offer the MAC PRO Student kit.
  • NARS: Nars offers a range of artist palettes, brushes and tools, and products to create a kit that meets your professional needs.

These are just some of the brands on the market. Many other companies offer smaller or partial kits that can supplement a basic kit or that you can combine with other products to create your own kit.

True artists are more concerned with the results from the makeup that they use, rather than name hype. Although they may have their favorite products, makeup artists usually have a lot of different brands of products. Although marketing departments for cosmetic companies lead the public to believe that professionals use only a few select, expensive brands, true pro makeup kits tell a different story. They are as diverse as the artists themselves, and the pros are highly unlikely to use a single cosmetic brand for everything that they need.

How Pro Kits Are Assembled

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Makeup artists assemble their kits through years of trial and error. Therefore, no two artists will have the exact same items kits. However, most makeup kits feature the same types of items in them.

The Tools

Makeup kits contain the artists' most valuable tools of the trade. Most artists will have face charts, disposable makeup applicators, cleansers, moisturizers and most importantly a full set of quality makeup brushes. Some of the brushes that are included in professional kits are:

  • Foundation and cxoncealer brushes
  • Large brush for applying loose powder
  • Blush brush
  • Brush for applying eye makeup all over the lid
  • Crease brush
  • An angled brush for applying eyeliner
  • An angled eyebrow brush for applying brow makeup
  • An eyebrow groomer
  • Lip brush

Professional brushes are made from a variety of fibers including goat hair, pony hair, sable, squirrel, polyester or nylon. Brushes that are made with synthetic fibers are kept in professional kits because they are easier to clean and maintain when on the go.

The Products

Makeup artists need to have a wide range of colors to fit people of different ethnic skin tones and to create a variety of different looks. Therefore, artists may have dozens of shades of makeup to fit any type of skin tone imaginable. A professional makeup artist should always be prepared to create virtually any look which is why it is important that they have nearly every type of makeup on hand. A typical makeup kit will include several shades of the following items so that the artist can complete a full face of makeup.

  • Primer
  • Makeup base
  • Concealer
  • Eye shadow
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Bronzer
  • Lip color


Most artists keep their tools in a makeup train case with several different compartments. A train case is a hard case with a handle and several compartments. The more compartments or space available in the kit the better for organization purposes. More expensive kits have lights and some even come with adjustable legs so that the train case can act as a portable desktop.

Getting Your Perfect Professional Makeup Kit

Professional makeup kits are an important tool of the trade in the makeup artist industry and it can take years for a makeup artist to develop the perfect kit to suit him or her. If you are just starting out or want a better makeup kit for your own personal use, you may want to start with a pre-packaged makeup kit. As you learn more about different products and makeup styles, gradually replace products that don't work for you with ones you like until you have the perfect makeup kit to fit your needs.

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