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Bright eye makeup can be part of a princess look.

Get the glow of fairy tale beauty with princess makeup!

Princess Makeup for Halloween

Whether you're 4 or 40, dressing up for Halloween or costume parties is always a blast. Princesses are a favorite costume idea for girls and even women, and there are many different choices. Finish off the look with the perfect makeup, and you have a great costume! Popular princess ideas for Halloween include:

Makeup for a Fairy Princess

Fairy or butterfly princess: Makeup for a fair princess should be pretty and colorful. Pink or rosy cheeks, pink lips, and bright eye shadows can help convey the look of a fairy simple and easily. For more fantasy detail, consider using glitter, face jewels, or creating unique designs around the eyes. A design around the forehead and eyes in a bright color with matching lipstick is another way to create a fairy look with makeup. Shimmer face powder can help convey a fairy-esque glow.

Dark Princess

Dark, evil or gothic princess: A dark princess or tainted fairy princess look can be a fun way to dress up instead of the classic pretty princess. A dark smoky eye, tawny cheeks, and a dark red or black lipstick can help you pull off the look of a dark princess. For a more subdued dark princess, a makeup palette of pink shades and black can work well. For an even darker look that conveys a vampire-princess feel, use a pale or white base face makeup.

Egyptian Princess Look

Ancient Egyptian princess: The ancient Egyptians were all about the eyes, so make this the central makeup feature of your look. Line eyes thickly on top and bottom of the eye with a dark kohl or liquid eyeliner. Extend the line outward at the outer corner of the eye where the two lines meet, and finish with mascara or false eyelashes. Bronzed skin and matte red lips complete the look.

Native American Princess Makeup

Native American princess: For a young girl wearing this type of princess costume, a bit of bronzer or blush and a medium toned lipstick can finish off the costume. Older women often play up the eyes with this costume, anything from a thick line on the top eyes extended slightly outward to a dark, smoky eye. Face paint is also sometimes used for this costume with any age.

Medieval Princess Beauty

Medieval princess: The lips and cheeks should be the focus of a medieval princess look. Pale skin, pink, cheeks, a mid-tone lip convey the natural look of a medieval princess. To keep the eyes beautiful, a neutral eye shadow and a clear or natural looking mascara can be added.

Princess Leia Makeup

Princess Leia makeup: The classic Princess Leia as played by Carrie Fisher sported a natural looking cheek, a medium red lip, and eyes emphasized with liner, shadow, and mascara.Apply a clear gloss over the lipstick and curl lashes and use two coats of mascara or use false lashes to achieve the complete look.

Disney Princesses

Disney princesses are known for their fresh-faced beauty.

  • Snow White: A pale face, pink cheeks, and bright cherry red lips are perfect for a Snow White costume. Older women may want to add a thin black liner and false eye-lashes to achieve Snow White's doe-eyed look.
  • Princess Jasmine: For Princess Jasmine's makeup, young girls can use a pink blush or bronzer and a sheer pink lip. Teens and women may want to emphasize the eyes with false eyelashes, liner, eyeshadow. Draw eyeliner upward at the outer corner of the eye to mimic Jasmine's look.
  • Cinderella: A simple Cinderella princess makeup can be achieved with a sky blue eye shadow, pink lipstick, and pink blush.
  • Ariel: A red lip is the statement makeup for an Ariel princess look (and is a must with the bright red wig)! Eyes can be emphasized simply with curled lashes or mascara or false lashes. For a more creative look, shimmery green or turquoise eye shadow can be used to reflect the mermaid aspect.
  • Aurora: To capture Aurora's look, a medium rosy pink lip and cheek is perfect. A cream- colored eye shadow can also be added, along with mascara and a thin line of black liner along the top eye only.

Princess Makeup for Dress-Up

Little girls love to play dress up as their favorite princess characters, and makeup can make I even more fun. For young girls, simple play makeup can include:

  • Sheer, sparkly or pink lip gloss
  • Pink blush
  • Face glitter or shimmer powder
  • Sparkle or pastel colored eye shadow
  • Colored nail polish with glitter

Eyeliner, mascara, and other heavy eye makeup should be avoided for young girls since it can be difficult to remove, and the pretty look of a princess can easily be accomplished using light, fresh colors and fun glitter and sparkles.

Whether it's a classic princess look you crave, or a more original and creative dark or fantasy look, the right princess makeup can bring the look to life.

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