Pretty Pirate Makeup Ideas

Ahoy, pretty lass!

Pretty pirate makeup ideas can separate your look from a regular sea wench to a striking high sea beauty. Whether your pirate garb is for Halloween or a festive costume party, how to do your makeup like a pretty pirate will help you create a lasting lass impression!

Pretty Pirate Makeup Ideas and Styles

Depending on your pirate style, you may choose to dress like a sexy pirate, a steam punk pirate, a vampire pirate, or even a rocker pirate. Today, anything goes when choosing your pirate costume and accessories. Pirates have gypsy roots, so feel free to wear an eclectic ensemble and throw on your favorite baubles and jewels. While the ensemble and accessories are subject to change, the following ideas will help you create a variety of pirate looks.

Traditional Pirate

Pirate makeup

A traditional gal pirate isn't known for her fancy makeup. If you go the route of a hardworking sea captain, chances are you'll want to keep makeup minimum and rely on special effects instead. Consider creating large thick lines above the eyelid with a liquid eyeliner and shadow in the crevices of the eyelids with a black smoky hue. Smudge eye liner and shadow on your bottom lashes to create a sea-worn and weathered appearance. Opt for a simple eye patch and bandana to finish off your traditional pirate garb. Lipstick is optional for a traditional pirate. A clear lip balm will moisturize while keeping your makeup palette minimal.

Sexy Pirate

Sexy Pirate Makeup

A sexy pirate is sure to catch a few captain's eyes! To create a sexy look, create a playful cat eye with liquid eyeliner. To emphasize the eyes, curl eyelashes and apply several coats of black mascara to separate and add volume to the lash line. While any shade of lipstick will do, a sexy pirate looks her best with a siren shade of red lips and a sexy gloss. To create sexy cheeks, add a circular wash of rosy cream blush o the cheekbones. If you want to create a more theatrical appearance, keep the edges bold and round with minimal blending.

Punk Pirate

Punk Pirate Makeup

Punk pirates are bound to push a few envelopes in the pirate makeup department, ditching the traditional pretty pirate makeup ideas. Whether your look is adorned with piercings and tats or is just a tad more eclectic with edgier clothes and accessories, your makeup should hone in on your punk side. Feel free to express your rebellious side in non-traditional makeup shades.

A bold bubblegum pink lipstick is a fierce alternative to red lips. Rather than rock a black liquid lined eye, why not opt for glitter mascara and silver shadow? Decals and stencils are a unique way to add festive décor to your makeup routine. Consider wearing faux tattoos and stencils while creating unique swirls and designs on your cheekbones.

Rocker Pirate

Rocker Pirate Makeup

It's no wonder so many rockers love to dress as pirates. With the skull and crossbones jewelry and perceived tough image, pirates and rockers make a fabulous pair! Rocker pirates should go extreme with their makeup routine. Don't buy into the less is more philosophy, instead, make more is more your rocker pirate mantra! Eye shadow should be bold and blended.

While black eye shadow and liner will make the most impact, you can experiment with bright blue and green hues to add to your rocker image. Curling eyelashes will enhance the eyes, and adding several coats of dark mascara will help add volume to the lashes. While black mascara is a traditional choice, feel free to experiment with rocker hues like electric blue and red mascara. Rocker pirates can accessorize their look with bandanas and bold jewelry.

Get Inspired

There are no steadfast rules for pirate makeup. You can use your imagination and creativity to create your own special pirate look. Wear what works for you and your skin coloring. If you want feminine, opt for rosy hues and pink lips, if you want sexy, turn towards the black and red hues.

No matter your pirate style, make sure you take the time to finish off your look with makeup and accessories. Makeup is such a fundamental element in costume design, and can really enhance your pretty pirate look!

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Pretty Pirate Makeup Ideas