Nine Makeup Ideas for Pretty Green Eyes

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Soft and subtle makeup for pretty green eyes can help you achieve a sweet everyday look, or one that's a bit romantic. Use the right colors and application, and your eyes can easily pull off this look.

Choosing the Right Eye Makeup

Although there are times when you might want to go for a more dramatic look, a fantasy eye, or a sexy makeup style, a pretty makeup look is versatile enough for many occasions. You can wear this type of makeup for everyday, weekends, and on those times you want to look sweet and romantic. The key in creating the right look is to use the colors that work best for your green eyes in medium to light shades and avoid harsh application styles. These ideas will help you show off your gorgeous eyes.

Colors for Your Gorgeous Greens

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To get the prettiest green eyes, work with the colors and tones on your skin and hair.

  • Lighter hair/skin: For light reddish or strawberry blonde hair and light skin with green eyes, try eye makeup in light purple shades, teals, tans, taupes, peaches. You may even want to experiment with grays.
  • Medium: For light to medium skin and auburn or red hair with green eyes, neutral browns, medium purple and plums, gold and copper hues, and light cocoa and burnt shades may bring out your eyes best.
  • Dark hair: For brunettes and dark haired ladies with green eyes, any purples, medium greens, and grays can complement your hair, eye, and skin combination for a pretty look.
  • Dark skin and hair: For darker skin and hair, experiment with medium brown, mauves, and teals.

Nine Pretty Eye Makeup Ideas for Green Eyes

Use pale to medium eye shades and medium liner for green eyes and pearl, shimmer, and matte formulas for a soft and pretty look. Skip the pigments, as these are often better for a more dramatic look.

gold liner on green eyes

Beige Beauty

Using your fingertip, blend a beigy or creamy shadow (up to three shades darker than your skin tone) along the upper and lower lash line. Curl lashes and finish with two coats of mascara one to two shades darker than your natural lashes. This will give a lovely, very natural look that still draws attention to your green eyes.

Soft Copper

Dot a coppery eye pencil along the upper eyelid and smudge gently with your fingertip or eyeliner tool. Add a contour with a hint of green shadow, and highlight by gently sweeping a lighter, but complementary copper shade below the brow bone.

Pretty and Bright

green eyes smoky liner

Use a cream or white liner on the inner part of the lower lid and a pale teal or purple-based shadow in the crease for brighter green eyes. Add a touch of colored shadow along the top lash line to lightly define the eyes. Use a hint of white shadow below the brown bone and in the corner of the eye and blend the crease shade well.

Gorgeous Gold

Use a gold metallic eyeliner to line the upper ad lower lash line. Skip the eye shadow, but apply two coats of mascara on curled lashes. Gold can really bring out green eyes, and by focusing on one type of makeup, the gold pencil provides a pretty look that doesn't look overdone.

Basic and Beachy

Get inspired by the sand and sea for pretty look. Sweep a peach or soft sand-colored eye shadow along the eyelid and crease. Then apply a soft teal or aqua liner to the top lid only (for clean look) or both lash lines for more emphasis on the eyes. The teal or aqua contrast nicely with green eyes; sand or peach shadow creates a nice complement.

Soft and Smoky Grey

Many stars with blue or green eye colors have pulled off grey eyeliner beautifully; you can too. For a soft and smoky appeal, apply an eye shadow with an orange base to the crease and a peach or lighter copper shade on the lid. Then use your grey eyeliner to lightly line the top lash line. Apply the liner under the eyes a bit more heavily. Then smudge lightly with your finger or an eyeliner brush for the smoky effect. The combination of the orange-based shadow and grey liner will really bring out your eye color, but in a softer way than most smoky eye looks.

Cream and Cocoa

green eyes teal liner

For a nice neutral look that is pretty for everyday, pair a soft cream colored eye shadow with a medium thick line of cocoa-brown eyeliner on the top lid. For a bit more definition, you can also add a touch of a soft cocoa or taupe shade in the crease.

Simple and Romantic Trio

Using a teal or green shade of liner, line the top and bottom lids with a very thin line. Blend into a slightly thicker line with a light grayish or charcoal colored liner for a smoky effect, and use a peach or peach/pink combination eye shadow.

Mascara for Pretty Green Eyes

Even using mascara alone with green eyes can look stunning. Unless you have dark hair, you may want to stay away from dark black mascara. Opt for those with a copper, purple, or green undertone to draw attention to your gorgeous eyes.

Pulling Off Pretty Eyes

pretty green eyes

Although it's easy to go overboard on eye makeup, avoid a heavy hand with color or application when you're going for a pretty look. The trick for this eye makeup style is to rely on soft, blended color, and light to medium shades. Keep your blending brush handy and stay away from the dramatic palettes.

Choosing the right color combinations for your green eyes along with a soft makeup style can give you the pretty look you want, whether you want to keep your eye makeup simple and sweet for a night out or you want an everyday look that enhances your eyes.

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Nine Makeup Ideas for Pretty Green Eyes