Prescriptives Flawless Skin Makeup

Achieve a flawless finish to your makeup.

I've gone through many a bottle of foundation over the years, but none has made my skin glow like Prescriptives Flawless Skin Makeup. This product may have been formulated with me and my skin in mind, and that's quite a compliment coming from someone so sensitive-skinned that even looking at certain products seems to cause a reaction!

The Hunt for the Right Foundation

There's one foolproof way to determine whether a product has reached that elusive holy grail (HG) status in my book. If I find myself back at the counter or store with the intention of restocking on the item in question, then I know I've got a winner on my hands (or in this case, my face).

I've never had much luck with foundation; my sensitive skin prevents me from even trying certain products. Paired with a bit of a blotchy complexion, that has left me in quite a rut on occasion. I came across Prescriptives Flawless Skin Makeup just in the nick of time.

I found myself desperately in need of something moisturizing and rich (but not too heavy). I was also looking for a product that would provide at least medium coverage. It was an added bonus if the product contained a moderate sun protection factor (SPF). Let's face it: A company has to be pretty darn confident in its product in order to call it something as bold as Flawless Skin. Fortunately, Flawless Skin had just what I was looking for - and much more.

Prescriptives Flawless Skin Makeup Review

Ideal Consistency

Rich, creamy foundations are ideal for dry or mature skin types. They provide intense hydration and feel dreamy as they're blended into the skin. Meanwhile, thinner products are lightweight and quick to apply. Flawless Skin falls somewhere in the middle; with its medium-to-thick, liquid-like texture, it is ideal for all skin types.

Formulas Cover Well

The formula is oil-free and, in my lengthy experience, has not clogged pores or caused even one blemish. This is quite a feat! If you're prone to acne, consider giving Flawless Skin a try. There's much to be said for its formula and its ability to cover even the darkest spots and blemishes.

Provides Sun Protection

In this day and age, there's no excuse not to wear a product that contains a suitable SPF level. No matter what the season might be, the sun still blazes all year long! The dangers it causes to the skin are simply far too harsh to ignore. For that reason, I was thrilled to find that Flawless Skin contains an SPF of 15. However, since a foundation with SPF generally does not contain enough protection, I typically apply a stronger SPF face cream prior to applying Flawless Skin. An excellent choice is MAC's Prep + Prime Face Protect, which contains an SPF of 50.

Flawless Skin also contains Pro-XCell Complex, a dermatologist-created formula designed to protect against potential sun damage and other external elements while providing ample coverage of imperfections. Prescriptives claims that regular use of Flawless Skin will encourage the skin's ability to better repair itself from external damage and protect itself from harmful UV rays.

Application Is Easy

I always prefer to apply my makeup with a foundation brush, but this product blends so easily and quickly that even traditional application methods (whether by hand or sponge) are favorable. When applying with a foundation brush, I typically choose to dip the brush into a small pool of makeup on the palm of my hand. Then I use quick, broad strokes to sufficiently cover my face and blend completely.When I don't need to cover my entire face but just want to conceal a few imperfections, I'll dip a travel-size foundation brush into the bottle's lid and pick up just the right amount of makeup to cover those areas. It works like a charm and I don't lose any extra foundation in the process.

Prescriptives' Price Point Seals the Deal

Flawless Skin retails for just under $40, but it's easily found for a few dollars less at Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) stores at outlet malls across the country. It's also reasonably priced on eBay, where all colors are usually available for sale..

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Prescriptives Flawless Skin Makeup