Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette

Tanya Sharma
Fake a golden glow year round!

Winter may steal that golden glow away in a hurry, but thanks to the powerful Pop Beauty Bronze Belle palette, faking it could not be easier!

A Little Extra Color

In the beauty world, the word "bronze" typically conjures up images of sun-kissed skin, peachy lips, perhaps a hint of shimmer to finish things off in glorious fashion. In other words, nothing says summer quite like bronze skin. As soon as temperatures drop, though, all of that fades faster than you can say sunscreen - and in come the berry lips, pale skin tones and gray eye shadows.

Though each season admittedly has its own unique color palette, there are no rules when it comes to makeup. If you're fond of that gorgeous glow seemingly owned by summer, stick with it - even when it's frigid outside. A little extra color is just what you need to brighten things up.

Achieve the Look

It may not exactly be practical to lay poolside or soak up some rays when the forecast calls for below freezing temperatures, but that's no matter - it's so much easier (and frankly a lot more fun) to experiment with makeup and achieve a similar glow right in the comfort of your own home. While many bronzers might do the trick in a flash, the surprisingly versatile Pop Beauty Bronze Belle palette is my pick for skin-transforming product of the year!

Using the Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette

Packaged in a smart little color "book," the palette contains eight shades. They include:

  • Mocha Bronzer
  • Chocolate Bronzer
  • Matte Bronzer
  • Apricot Blush
  • Bronze Glow
  • Peach Glow
  • Matte Mocha
  • Gold Glow

Ranging from light to deep, the shades are universally flattering and formulated to work just as well together as they do individually. Despite their names, they can be used for various purposes, which gives this palette even greater importance in my makeup collection.

Allover Glow

The most no-fail method for achieving an allover golden glow is to swirl a large, fluffy blush or powder brush over all of the colors. The left side of the palette is slightly cooler, with shades of pink and shimmery mocha dominating. The right side, on the other hand, is warmer with its apricot and chocolate tones. Depending on how dark you'd like your skin to look, you might opt to use one side over the other when you're blending them together. Use a light hand if you want a look that's natural and fresh. Of course, an allover glow means it can be applied just about anywhere! For the most natural look, I swirl it onto the cheeks, temples, bridge of the nose and chin, and even dust a bit onto the décolleté to pull the look together neatly. Believe it or not, it can be pretty obvious when the face and body are two different colors - particularly in photographs. If you're bronzing your face, be sure the rest of you follows suit!

Luminous Eyes

Some of them may be called bronzers, but they double as some of the most outstanding eye shadows out there. Not only are they exceptionally long lasting, the colors are beautiful and sure to make the eyes pop. The shimmery shades, such as Mocha Bronzer, Chocolate Bronzer and Bronze Glow, look striking when used in the crease or when paired with dramatic dark eyeliner.

Glowing Cheeks

For a simple flush of color, I love dusting on a bit of Peach Glow or Apricot Blush. If I want something deeper and more dramatic, I blend a couple of bronzers together to create an on-the-spot custom color. A hint of Gold Glow on top of whatever bronzer or blush I use finishes the look with a shimmery flourish.

The Verdict

Any product that deems itself useful all year long and proves itself such a multipurpose powerhouse is bound to be a surefire hit - and this palette is definitely all of that and more. One of the best things about it is the size of each individual pan of color. The amount of product is immense and will last for years. Needless to say, this $28 item certainly pays for itself in just a few uses! In short, it became an instant staple for me.

Where to Purchase

If you'd like to check out the colors in person before purchasing it (always a wise idea), head to Sephora. A tester is usually available in store. The product is also available online at Sephora.com and Pop Beauty.co.uk.

Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette