Pink Under Eye Concealer

Pink concealer, mixed with yellow, can cover up dark circles.

Dark circles under the eyes are something almost everyone has to contend with at some point or other, whether because they've had a late night or allergies or it's hereditary, so pink under eye concealer is one trick that many women use to look fresher. You have to be careful selecting your shade, however, because it doesn't work for everyone.

Using Pink Under Eye Concealer

The general rule with a pink under eye concealer is that it should be used as a base for covering extremely dark circles. In this instance, it works more like a corrector that you would use to hide a blemish. Once the pink is blended, you should add a layer of a concealer in a more yellowish tone. The combination of the two should result in natural-looking coverage.

Makeup artists differ as to the best method of layering. Some are of the opinion that you should apply a peach concealer first, which will lighten the circles and should have the effect of making them almost match your face's overall tone. Then, you should apply a strong pink concealer over the areas where the bluish shadows are darkest and the most stubborn.

Doubts About Pink Under Eye Concealer

Other makeup artists and experts say you should steer clear of pink altogether. The problem, they contend, is that the pink doesn''t counteract the blue or purplish tone in the circles and so, no matter how skillfully you apply the makeup, the result will be circles that look gray. Worse, it can look more purple.

Basic rules of color mixing suggest that this is a strong possibility; we all learned in kindergarten that if you mix pink and blue, you will get purple. Thus, a pink-toned concealer that isn't heavy enough or layered with another corrector can make you look worse, rather than better. In fact, it can actually emphasize the problem, mostly by drawing a lot of attention to it. It's generally agreed, however, that pink works for eyes that are, or appear, puffy.

Choosing Your Concealer

There are literally hundreds of concealers available everywhere from drugstores to the most high-end makeup shops and salons. The absolute best way to determine what shade is right for you is to consult a makeup artist. Of course, the trick is to go to someone who isn't representing a particular makeup line and therefore is out to sell you something. It isn't easy to find someone reputable, but if you go to a salon regularly for facials or eyebrow waxing, there should be someone there who understands makeup and, even if she does carry a specific line, should be able to do a proper color consult for you, since you have already paid for a salon service.

Since getting a good match is so difficult, it's more than likely that you'll have to combine products to achieve a natural look. A good makeup artist will show you not only what color combinations work for your skin tone, but explain how to apply them for maximum coverage and suggest product lines that may work best both for your skin and your budget.

Some Well-Considered Concealers

A product line that works for your best friend, or even your sister, is not necessarily going to work for you. Some women do very well with drugstore brands, others need something high-end. One way to make a good selection is to try samples. Places like Sephora are happy to provide you with a selection of samples that you can try in comfortable lighting at home and determine what looks best.

Some companies that make popular pink-based concealers or correctors include:

Again, try samples and consult with an expert to determine the concealer that will work best for you.

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Pink Under Eye Concealer