Pink Lips

Achieve Pink Lips With Ease!

Pink lips are a great addition to your overall makeup look, particularly if you happen to be wearing elaborate eye makeup.

A terrific advantage of this lip color is that it comes in so many different shades.

From bright fuchsia to a true berry, all of these different color variants means that you can find the perfect shades, no matter your lip color.

Bubblegum Pink Can Look Juicy

This is a medium pink, but it's made vibrant with the addition of lip gloss. Achieve this style by:

  • Prepping lips with a lip primer or a bit of lip balm.
  • Apply a neutral lip liner.
  • From there, apply your lipstick.

Top the entire look off with lip gloss.

A True, Matte Pink

A true pink, one that is neither too light nor dark, looks very attractive when paired with purple, silvery eyes.

If you like this style, choose a lipstick that is in a crème formula. This will keep your lips moist, but not shiny.

Combine with a silver eyeliner, purple eye shadow, and several coats of mascara.

Paint With Precision

No matter the color you choose, know that, with the aid of a lip brush, you'll be able to apply your pink lipstick with precision.

Note though that you'll get the best results if you do, in fact, use an acutal lip brush- other brushes may not be able to provide the same amount of coverage.

Brownie Pink

Lipstick that is a blend of the color pink, and a deeper, brown color, produces a lovely, neutral, pink.

If you feel that this color combination will work great with your skin tone, consider purchasing makeup artist Bobbi Brown's Brownie Pink lip color.

Coral Delight

Those that have a warm, "sunny" skin tone will look amazing in a pink that is slightly tinged with a coral undertone.

Even better? With a lip color this subtle, you can feel free to play up your eyes in vibrant, eye-catching shades.

Pale Pink

You'll definitely want to have a pale pink lipstick in your cosmetic arsenal.

The reason? Not only does this particular shade of this lipstick look fantastic in a variety of situations, but it also allows your lips to look natural- a style that almost always looks sexy!

Fabulous Fuchsia!

Tired of the pale lip? Want a pucker that packs a real color punch?

If so, you'll do well to turn your attention to a fuchsia colored lipstick. Not only will this deeper shade of lipstick garner a lot of attention, but it also allows you to wear stronger eye makeup.

Wondering what eye makeup goes best with a pale mouth? If so, visit the lip color that goes with smoky eyes slideshow. It will walk you, step by step, through the beauty process!

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Pink Lips