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philosophy cosmetics

Philosophy cosmetics offers skincare and cosmetics that medically treat the skin and body while celebrating the art of living joyously. Endorsed by physicians, dermatologists, and heath care professionals to treat skin conditions, Philosophy cosmetics began its journey as a company named BioMedic. Today, Philosophy has grown into a wellness line that promotes living and feeling well. Philosophy products inspire consumers to seek the beauty and the happiness in the moment, while lusciously hydrating and protecting the skin. Top of the line cosmetics tied with award winning products makes Philosophy cosmetics a leader in the beauty industry. If you have yet to explore the beauty in this feel good line, keep reading.

Philosophy Cosmetics: Award Winning Products

It always makes sense to try out the best of the best when testing out a new skincare or cosmetic line. Philosophy cosmetics has been recognized time and time again for many of their products. The following items are not only splurge-worthy, but almost guarantee you'll be back to take a crack at more of this unique, highly celebrated line:

  • Supernatural color: Award winning corrective concealers and foundation and cosmetics available in a wide range of colors.
  • Shower gels: Philosophy's unique sensory shower gels create spa like environments in the bath and serve as shampoo and body cleansers in one tempting bottle.
  • Grace fragrances: A generous selection of beautiful perfume scents that compliment every mood without overpowering the senses.

Makeup Optional Skin

What's your beauty philosophy? Many women claim au natural faces are best, while others love the airbrushed look and feel of coverage cosmetics. Philosophy caters to both types of cosmetic consumers, all while offering a solution based skincare line. Philosophy skincare, with its pure ingredients and silky effects, has many women ditching the coverage makeup and sporting a clean and fresh skinned look. While the line still carries its own share of corrective products, it's nice to find a line who's ultimate goal is to get skin in such a fabulous state that you can go bare naked with uncanny confidence and a youthful glow.

Supernatural Lip Stain

One of the most well known makeup products in the entire Philosophy cosmetics line is the Supernatural lip stain. Lip stains come and go. Every year, cosmetic lines try to compete with the leading contender. Lip stains are a tricky product to work with and even trickier to formulate in a consistently that is easy to apply, yet that wears well and produces a natural flush.

Enter the Supernatural. This small and quaint lip wand product is so easy to apply and really takes the guesswork out of stains and their often messy application. If you're seeking a fresh off the slopes, in from the cold, or just bitten grin, look no further than this top rated lip stain. Your philosophy may soon become, less product, is really more!


On top of offering consumers a wide range of feel good, look good and taste good products, Philosophy cosmetics offers yet another way to add their unique beauty philosophy into your daily rituals. Offering a high quality line of coveted fragrance scents, Philosophy has cult following for their easy to wear, light, offensive free perfumes.

If you're looking to score compliments galore from men, check out Philosophy cosmetics Falling in Love, available in a layerable skin wash, body lotion and eau de perfume spray. For that fresh, just stepped out of the shower scent that lingers in all its soapy goodness, Pure Grace is a must have.

In addition, Philosophy also offers a few lightweight white florals that are easy to wear without being heavy. For a truly feminine scent, test out Amazing Grace or Grace.

No matter your cosmetic philosophy, life is a journey that should be enjoyed in every way, whether that be through touch, scent or beauty. To look good is to feel good, and that's one distinctive philosophy that will never go out of style.

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