Pheromone Perfume and Fragrance Love for Women

Can your scent could lead to Mr. Right?

If you're shopping for Pheromone perfume and fragrance, love for women (or men!) must be on your mind. Pheromones in fragrances have been recognized for years as romance-boosting agents. Whether or not they work just might be a matter of personal experience!

About Pheromones

Consider the pheromone a natural scent of attraction. This chemical is released by living organisms and triggers a response in individuals of the same species. The sex pheromones, in particular, are closely studied for their ability to potentially attract mates. This is more than just a theory; many living organisms secrete pheromones into their surroundings as a "mating call" of sorts. Though the "success" of the pheromone as a mating tool has been fairly easy to prove among insects and the like, its value to the human species has been a bit more difficult to determine.

The History of Pheromones in Fragrance

Despite the various and occasionally contradictory reports about the role of pheromones as aphrodisiacs, fragrance companies have jumped all over the theory and used it to their advantage. In fact, beauty entrepreneur and writer Marilyn Miglin's signature fragrance, Pheromone, is one of the world's most popular scents. It was first introduced in 1978 and is based on Miglin's extensive research of Egyptian civilization. Fragrances were about more than just pleasant aromas - the Egyptians, according to Miglin's findings, believed that scent had the power to evoke specific behavioral responses.

This led to the discovery and blend of 179 rare oils and essences derived from flowers, seeds, wine resins, wild grasses and exotic bark. This unique combination came to be known as Pheromone for Women. The line has since grown to include a men's version, as well as several "spinoff" scents, including Pheromone Breeze and Pheromone Musk.

Pheromone Perfume and Fragrance, Love for Women, and How it Works

If you're intrigued by the possibility of attracting a mate with something as simple as a dab of perfume, you're not alone. Since the introduction of Miglin's perfume years ago, other fragrance manufacturers have hopped on board and started adding this seemingly vital ingredient to their products. Pheromones are even appearing in anti-aging skincare products - the theory is that a positive love life counteracts the effects of stress, thereby reducing the telltale signs of aging.

Though the market isn't exactly rife with pheromone-based perfumes, there are at least a few scents available for both men and women. We'll go through a few of them, along with a short description of how they just might work for you!

  • Realm by Erox for Men: Pay attention, gentleman. If this connection between pheromone perfume and fragrance, love for women and the possibility of finding your true mate has you ready to douse yourself in the stuff, consider Realm. It's a sharp blend of mandarin, berry, ginger and more - plus pheromones. One of the original designer fragrances to really embrace the theory, Realm is touted as the first scent ever to contain a patented human pheromone component. Some men claim it works wonders, and since it's been around since 1993, there just may be something to it after all!
  • Paris Hilton: Who better than one of Hollywood's most experienced daters to share a bit of her expertise with the rest of the world - even if it is just through the power of scent? Paris Hilton's debut scent includes a bottom note of pheromone. Its placement is important. As the fragrance dries down, the lingering scent is always the bottom note. Your last impression may also leave the most memorable impression on that potential special someone!
  • Realm by Erox for Women: Blended with crisp mandarin and water lily, sweet vanilla and honey and a dash of sandalwood, the scent is refreshing and spicy at once. The company recommends applying it to the body's pulse points, such as the wrists, base of the throat and behind the knees, for maximum effect. Since these areas release more body heat, the scent continuously wafts through the air and does its job for you.

Proving the Theory

So does it work? It's something that has piqued the curiosity of researchers and consumers alike. This potential mode of "silent communication" might easily be what attracts one mate to another. Testing the theory may be as simple as spraying on a bit of your favorite pheromone-enhanced perfume or cologne and seeing where the scent leads you!

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