Personalized Cosmetic Bag

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Organize your makeup, prepare for a trip, or design a special gift by creating a personalized cosmetic bag.

Why Get Your Cosmetic Bag Personalized?

Aside from the luxury of having a cosmetic bag that is personalized just for you, there are several other reasons to purchase them.

Personalized Bags as Gifts

If you have a girl friend who loves makeup, a personalized cosmetic bag is an ideal gift. This gift is appropriate for birthdays, graduation as well as Christmas. Personalized bags are most often given as bridesmaids gifts. Brides can order a matching set of bags that are individually monogrammed for each member of the bridal party.

Personalized Bags for Practicality

In some cases, personalization proves more practical than a simple luxury. If you often put your makeup on at the gym, then having a monogrammed bag will help to distinguish yours from others. Makeup artists will also find personalized bags an important marketing tool while on a job.

Personalization Options

Depending on where you purchase your personalized cosmetic bag, there are several choices you can make to ensure that it is truly unique.

Monogram or First Name

Many people choose to monogram their cosmetic bag with their initials, while others prefer to use their first names. If you have a unique first name, it might make sense to choose this option, while initials distinguish those with more common first names. Though less personal, an economical option is to simply choose a bag with one initial, either for your first or last name.

Patterns and Colors

Most companies allow you to choose the color of your cosmetic bag as well as the color of the thread in which your name is stitched. Some manufacturers even allow you to choose the font that your name is stitched in, from a cursive font to more modern block letters. You may also be able to choose the piping color of the bag or indicate a special pattern. Cosmetic bags are available in a wide range of materials from economical and durable microfiber to plush velour, to luxurious silk. The quality of the materials as well as the level of personalization you choose will affect the price o the bag.

Where to Purchase a Personalized Cosmetic Bag

Many online retailers offer personalized cosmetic bags. Some include:


There a several types of cosmetic bags that can be personalized. A simple, zippered pouch is ideal for carrying essentials in your purse. Fashionable train cases provide deep storage space so that bottles can stand on end. Elaborate fold-out cases sometimes have hooks that allow you to hang them up for easy access while traveling and contain many individual pockets to store your cosmetics to prevent potential leaks.

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Personalized Cosmetic Bag