Old Avon Lip Gloss

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There is, perhaps, nothing worse than falling in love with a cosmetic, such as an old Avon lip gloss, and discovering later that the product has been discontinued and is officially out of production. Before panic sets in and you begin hoarding your last tube of old Avon lip gloss or lipstick, start your thorough search for a suitable alternative, if not the real deal.

Finding Old Avon Lip Gloss

Searching for an old Avon lipstick is similar to finding a rare or out of print book. As one person's trash is another one's treasure, keep an open mind throughout your lipstick quest. First, start with the likeliest places for your favorite lipstick to be bestowed, and then if your search continually returns fruitless rewards, it may be best to scour secondhand resources and retailers.

Treasure Hunting Avon Products

Your search for old Avon products will produce the best results if you are familiar with the product name and lipstick formula type (such as cream, gloss, long wearing, moisturizing, etc.) Gather this information, write it down, and start your hunt.

Contact Avon: Contact Avon directly and speak to a customer service agent, who will more than likely be able to assisst you in finding your selected cosmetic. If the product is available at a clearance or outlet price, stock up and save big!

Contact Avon representatives: Many reps set up shop at mall kiosks and leave their brochures in public places such as office buildings and boutiques. Whenever you see an Avon catalog up for grabs, pick it up and contact the sales representative noted on the back of the catalog. Many sales representatives have older products on hand that are no longer available in catalogs.

Avon stores: Avon has several stores throughout the country stocked floor to ceiling with their famous products for the body, bath, skin and home. Search an Avon store for discontinued makeup shades.

Thrift stores: Many thrift stores such as theSalvation Army and Goodwill have a variety of unopened beauty products for sale. Avon products tend to turn up at these locations frequently, it may be worth it to scour as many thrift stores as possible to find your favorite lipstick.

Auction sites: Worldwide marketplaces and auction sites such as Ebay have opened many doors when it comes to finding odd, unique, and discontinued merchandise. Do a quick Ebay search for your Avon lipstick (include the color name) and again, stock up on the merchandise if you can find a large availability for sale.

Garage sales: Ever notice the abundance of Avon products, including perfume samples and dusty lotion bottles available at garage sales? Why not stop by a few and check out the availability of your coveted lipstick?

Flea markets: Flea markets are yet another popular resource for Avon products. Get your tennis shoes on and show up early, most flea market vendors stock their tables and are ready to sell first thing in the morning. Find a table that specializes in Avon products for the best luck.

Swap: Check out a cosmetic swap site such as Swap Style, where registered users post their wares up for trade. Many times, other women and men only seek a trade and reimbursement of shipping fees to turn up your favorite or discontinued product.

Match Making

If your quest for finding the original lipstick or cosmetic was unsuccessful, don't throw away the towel just yet. Instead, take that tube of lipstick to your nearest department store and start color matching. There is bound to be a color or formula available that closely resembles your desired shade and formula.

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Old Avon Lip Gloss