New Men's Colognes in 2006

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Need a new man's cologne for that special person in your life? Is your old fragrance lost its luster? Or, maybe it is just time to spruce up your scent wardrobe? Whatever your reason, the following is a list of the most current new man's colognes on the market today. Hopefully this will get you started on your hunt for a new scent. Feel free to add any of your newest favorites right into the list by taking advantage of our wiki system.

New Man's Cologne for 2006

Fifa World Cup 2006

  • Designed by ARS Parfum
  • Available in 3.4 ounce spray
  • Designed to symbolize the sport


  • Released February 2006
  • Signature cologne of Sean "Diddy" Combs
  • Estee Lauder distributed
  • Top selling men's fragrance in US department stores
  • Moderate strength casual fragrance

Eternity Summer 2006

  • A new man's cologne by Calvin Klein
  • Available in a 3.4 ounce spray
  • Designed as a fresh summer scent with green notes of tarragon, white amber and patchouli

Armani Privé

  • 2006 Canadian Fragrance Award Winner
  • Offered by Giorgio Armani
  • A collection of spray colognes - all four are modern scents that are woody, warm, and rich aromas
  • Unisex fragrance
  • Expensive

Armani Code

  • 2006 Canadian Fragrance Award Winner
  • The new man's cologne version of the women's Code
  • A cocktail of scents - including bergamont, lemon, olive tree blossom and Guaiac wood notes
  • A sexy contemporary fragrance

Z Zenga

  • From the perfume design house of Ermenegildo Zengna
  • 2006 Canadian Fragrance Award Winner
  • Created for the sensual adventuresome male
  • Strongly masculine scent
  • Notes of Sicilian bergamot, rosemary, iris, nutmeg and pepper
  • Available in a 1.6 ounce or 3.3 ounce spray and an alcohol free deodorant

Pomegranate Noir Cologne

  • Jo Malone Collection release
  • Notes in pomegranate, raspberry, plum and patchouli
  • A scent with a fruity sweet composition
  • 2006 Fifi Award for Best New Men's Fragrance

Nicole Farhi Homme

  • From the design house of Nicole Farhi
  • A particularly zesty and fresh scent
  • Strong notes of lime and armoise
  • An unusual fragrance with a distinctly "wintery" feel
  • Available in spray, stick deodorant, shave balm, after shave and shower gel
  • 2006 Fifi Award for Best Packaging


  • Limited Edition Release by John Varvatos
  • Spicy and sensual masculine scent
  • With a leathery texture to the aroma, it provides an air of a fine gentleman
  • Main notes of rhubarb, cinnamon, jasmine, oak moss, ashwood and tobacco leaf
  • Classified as a woody male fragrance
  • Only available in the 4.2 ounce bottle

L'Eau Bleue d'Issey Eau Fraiche

  • From the Paris house of Issey Miyake
  • Described as gentle, luminous and airy
  • Strong notes of musk, white patchouli - with a gentle background in pink pepper and the lingering scent of mint and rosemary
  • Classified as a woodsy-oriental fragrance
  • Only available in a limited edition 2.5 ounce spray

Selecting a New Cologne

When out shopping for a new scent, remember that a fragrance works uniquely with the body's chemistry - so, keep the following tips in mind:

  • When buying as a gift - start with the smallest bottle
  • Let the cologne sit on your skin for at least 20 minutes to an hour before deciding
  • Test scents before eating
  • Avoid shopping when you feel ill or are recovering from a sickness
  • Bring along a friend to offer a different nose opinion
  • Don't try too many scents at one time - the best rule of thumb is to try four fragrances that you like best straight from the bottle - one on each wrist and the other two on your inner elbow.
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