Neutrogena Makeup Product Review


It is only right for me to be writing a Neutrogena Makeup Product Review. I've tried a wide variety of makeup brands, but Neutrogena as one of my favorites, has always remained.

Makeup That Understands Skin

While many cosmetic companies may have long-lasting products or beautiful colors to offer, a lot of them tend to go on your face like thick clown makeup. I know for my skin, it is only happy when it is able to breathe throughout the day. With Neutrogena makeup, my skin never feels coated or clogged, and I still get the good coverage and coloring I love.

One of my favorites is the SkinClearing oil-free makeup. Designed to obliterate any traces of oil and acne while still giving you a solid coverage of foundation, you will get flawless skin without over drying or caking.

What makes Neutrogena makeup so impressive is the natural looking finish while still treating common skin ailments none of us want to make room for in our life. In addition, it minimizes your pores and keeps your skin hydrated and healthy looking.

Coming in a multitude of shades, this Neutrogena makeup product is one of my top picks for anyone who is looking for a new base for their face.

A Glowing Neutrogena Makeup Product Review

My other favorite Neutrogena makeup item is their Shimmer Sheers. I'm a big fan of anything that adds a little glitz to my day, and this item does just that. I can use it on my lips, my cheeks, my eyes, and I have softer skin after applying.

This Neutrogena makeup product never irritates my skin, and with six shades to choose from, I can use it year-round depending on whether or not I get tanned during the summertime. For fair skinned girls listen up - this product is ideal for you if you are looking for a way to dodge that pasty white reputation and put a little color in your day!

Also worth noting in my Neutrogena makeup product review is that all items are designed by dermatologists, meaning that no matter how fickle your skin may be, chances are they have a formula of makeup that is perfect for you.

Good Quality for a Good Price

Sure, I love the fancy cosmetics you can buy at makeup counters and online, but who can afford it all of the time? I enjoy Neutrogena makeup's price as much as I enjoy its great quality. It's also convenient - available at most drugstores and even some grocery stores as well. The containers are durable and able to be easily taken anywhere. So get some today, throw it in your purse, and have a great beauty enhancing companion with you wherever you go!

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Neutrogena Makeup Product Review