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Neutrogena has worked marketing magic with the concept of complete health leading to maximum beauty. A company with strong roots in enhancing skin purity and partnerships with the medical community, their amazing success all started with a simple bar of soap.

Company Background

Originally started as a small cosmetics company called Natone, Neutrogena was founded by Emanuel Stolaroff. In the 1930s, Natone sold products to local beauty salons connected to the film industry in the Los Angeles area. By the 1940s, their products began to be sold in the mainstream retail market. While this was a mild success for the Natone organization, the real sensation began in the 1950s. Through a partnership with European chemist, Edmond Fromont, Stolaroff released a patented-formula soap known as Neutrogena to the Untied States market. A unique soap blueprint for the time, it cleaned the skin with no lingering residue - furnishing a face with a perfectly PH-balanced complexion and with a true feeling of clean.

By 1962, this soap market share victory had become the Natone's company image, so the business' name officially transitioned to Neutrogena. Trying to stay competitive, they began to promote the soap's concept to the medical profession - eventually beginning a strong relationship between Neutrogena and the dermatologist profession nationwide. Through this marketing achievement, the brand quickly started a quality skin care sensation.

The medical background and health related connections to beauty are what ultimately caught the attention of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Thus, leading to the eventual acquisition of Neutrogena by J&J, with the consent to allow the brand to remain an independent division. This merge allowed Neutrogena a more stable funding source to continue to follow their chosen path and product direction.

Neutrogena Products

While originally a skin and hair care company, Neutrogena has expanded their expertise into the realm of makeup. Given their health focus, their makeup products are designed to stay in line. The newest merchandise offered provides healthy beauty for your skin and face. A few interesting examples are:

Mineral Sheers Powder Foundation


A powder foundation designed to supply the most natural finish available. The dermatologist-tested minerals provide a soft powdery texture. Therefore, the overall look is a radiant appearance verses the standard matte-finish found in most common types of face makeup. Completely oil and fragrance-free, it is appropriate for all skin types and arrives in four sheer shades or a bronzer version.

Mineral Sheers for Eyes

Another mineral makeup designed exclusively for the eye area. The mineral content allows this eye powder to provide universally wearable shade combinations. Also free of dyes and oils, this product enhances the eye area for a more naturally beautiful eye presentation.

Moisture Shine Lip Smoother

A portable lip gloss that offers a tint of color in addition to a powerful lip moisturizer. A unique water-based gel formula allows this gloss to provide intense hydration for your lips. Including an SPF of 20, this product ensures a healthier lip surface.

Environmental Policy

In addition to their strategy on maximizing health, the company also takes a strong stand on environmental concerns. Their organizational policy states that the environment, health and safety are equal in importance to all other business concerns. This concept is not lost in the bureaucracy, as every employee is trained in environmental issues; along with the inclusion of this policy in management evaluations.

The best recent example of this concern has been shown at their corporate headquarters. With the support of the city of Los Angeles, they installed an innovative solar power system to reduce the corporate office's energy consumption by 20%.

Work Environment

Along with their policies regarding the health of our global environment, Neutrogena also strives to create an ideal workplace for their employees. A balanced life is encouraged, with a work hard, play hard motto in place. The corporate culture is purposefully informal with great benefits and flexible work schedules included.

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