NYX means energetic makeup.

NYX is one of the few cosmetic companies that specialize only in the production of makeup. While so much of the competition has spread out into skin and hair care, perfumes and even accessories, NYX maintains its heart and focus on creating energetic makeup for the truly fashion-forward customer.

Company Background

NYX is actually not a New York based company as the name alludes to, but is in fact headquartered in sunny Los Angeles. The name was taken from the Greek goddess, Nyx, who ruled the night. A makeup brand designed particularly for the youthful customer who enjoys an active nightlife, NYX is well suited to its name.

Founded in 1999 by Ms. Toni Ko, the company touts its mission is to offer only quality makeup at discount prices. Ms. Ko, who had always enjoyed makeup since her teen years, wanted to create a brand that could truly offer professional quality cosmetics at an affordable price - thus, NYX was formed. They are currently one of the fastest growing cosmetic companies in the United States backed by this simple concept. In today's complicated society, NYX provides their customers with simple cosmetics to enhance a simple lifestyle.

NYX Products

With a strong company focus on trendy shoppers who are looking for sexy makeup, NYX has found their niche. Within every stylish package, you will find a delicious variety of colors and textures. Known for a particularly large assortment of colors in both eye shadows and nail polish, they also offer a significant collection of glitter makeup. Featured in some of the most hip magazine for women, you find them from all walks of life - including YM, Vogue, Entrepreneur and even Playgirl.

Most Highlighted Product

The NYX product most often mentioned in the media is their Eye Shadow Trio. Complete with a warning - for sexy eyes only - this shadow trio is a simple way to get perfect color arrangements. With thirty different color combinations, they are only $7 for the set. Designed to compliment any skin tone, you are sure to find the right trio for your eyes.

New Products

While their site currently lists nine new products, four look to be particularly promising:

  • Bronzer Powder

Use this powder for a natural sun-kissed face without the harmful rays. The powder can also be used as an eye shadow or blush.

  • Doll Eye Mascara

Instantly create perfect doll-like eyelashes with this unique mascara. You have a choice of Long Lash, Volume or Waterproof formulas.

  • Tinted Lip Spa

A lip conditioner with a stain of color, this lip formula provides a sheer color plus added moisturizers.

  • Make-Up Box with Light

For an instant on-the-go professional makeup studio, this product hits the target. The box is essentially a portable makeup booth with a large lighted mirror, storage, and organization compartments. A perfect gift for all the makeup gurus you know!

Where to Buy

As a relatively new company, who has yet to go mainstream, NYX can be difficult to find. If you don't live in Los Angeles, your best bet is to find their products online.

  • The NYX Website - this is the best bet for the complete line of products shipped directly to your home.
  • Ebay.com - certainly not a large variety available, but may be worth a look.

If you are near the Los Angeles area, give them a visit at 2230 S. Tubeway Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90040, right off the I5 freeway.

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