NARS Orgasm

Enjoy a radiant glow with this great blush!

If you're even remotely familiar with popular cosmetics, chances are you've heard of NARS Orgasm. This blush is absolutely renowned in the industry for its versatility on all skin tones. It's a favorite of celebrity makeup artists and women the world over! In fact, its popularity has spawned several other products in the Orgasm collection.

What's in a Name?

There's no two ways about it: The name is the first thing that's going to grab your attention. If not for the name, it's possible the blush would never have achieved the immense popularity and enjoyed the great amount of longevity that it has.

Of course, this can't be proven, but suffice it to say that NARS is not shy when it comes to naming their cosmetics (Deep Throat, Torrid, Sin and Sex Machine are a few other names that might raise some brows). As for the name's inspiration, one might attribute that to the luminous, natural glow the blush leaves behind!

All about NARS Orgasm

It's been called many things: irresistible, overrated, flattering, sparkly, gorgeous. While opinions do vary when it comes to this cult favorite, the general consensus is largely positive. It's one of the company's best selling products for a reason! The sheer, peachy-pink hue is flecked with a hint of gold sparkle, resulting in a natural, radiant finish on almost any skin tone.

My Experience

I've been a devotee of this must-have product for years. Not only is it a staple in my artistry kit, it also takes pride of place in my own personal makeup collection. Very few blushes tend to hold my attention for very long; I prefer to sample a few colors before moving on to the next new thing. Therein lies the difference with Orgasm, which has retained its spot simply by virtue of its versatility.

Despite my passion for makeup, I don't wear it every single day. There are moments when, pressed for time, I can't complete a customary face of makeup. In those cases, my quick fix is a slick of tinted lip balm, a coat of mascara and a dusting of natural blush on my cheekbones, chin, temples and nose. Though I don't always have a "go-to" blush for this purpose, NARS Orgasm has long been one of my more oft-used choices.

The reason is simple. This color is incredibly sheer. If I'm after a soft, natural glow with a radiant finish, I can achieve it with a quick application of this blush. If I want to wear a darker color, I can easily build this up with a few additional strokes. Despite the fact that the color deepens, the effect is still surprisingly natural.

Unlike so many other blushes, Orgasm looks great whether the skin is pale or tan. My natural tone is on the pale side, yet when my skin is darker I can still rely on this blush. In fact, it's one of the best blushes out there to apply over a natural or bottled tan; it instantly adds some depth, and the faint sparkle gives the skin a luminous glow that can't be replicated elsewhere.

Beyond the Blush

Given the blush's popularity, it seems only fitting that NARS has, in recent years, added a few other products to the Orgasm collection. Among them are:

Lip Gloss

The lip gloss, in my experience, does not hold a candle to the blush that inspired it. Though it boasts the same peachy-pink hue, it just so happens that this color doesn't translate as well on the lips as it does on the cheeks! This is a shame, because the color is truly gorgeous. I was left with a faintly frosty, barely colored, very shiny look. On its own, it simply isn't very wearable. Worn over a dark lipstick, though, it contrasts nicely and serves to tone down the color.

Cream Blush

One of the newer additions to the collection, the Orgasm Multiple is NARS's answer to the loud demand for a cream blush in this lovely color. Though the Multiple is marketed as a multipurpose product (the company suggests it can be worn on the eyelids, cheeks, lips and décolletage), it's really quite useful primarily as a highlighter for the cheeks. Unfortunately, this was as great a disappointment as the lip gloss. Infused with what seemed an unreasonably abundant amount of shimmer, the Multiple imparted no color whatsoever on my skin. Instead, I was left with nothing but heavily glimmered cheeks.

Nail Polish

Anyone with an affinity for peach colored nails will appreciate this new polish. Unfortunately, I'm not someone who can pull off that color unless my skin is perpetually tanned. During the summer, this color happens to look decent, especially for pedicures. Otherwise, it's a bland, nondescript shade that can easily be found for much less at any drugstore. The polish itself is not up to par with the quality one expects from NARS, either. My polish chipped within just a few days of wear.

The Verdict

The blush is, without question, a winner. The rest of the items in the collection are not nearly as impressive, but I do suggest giving them a try if you absolutely love this color. What doesn't work for one will undoubtedly work for another, after all.

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