Miss World

Miss World

The Miss World beauty pageant is an elaborate exhibition worthy of a Broadway Show or Disney Performance. Although many may cry "politically incorrect," Miss World is still a global sensation. Part of this popularity is incorporated in the protests and scandals that attempt to defeat it.

History of Miss World

When the beauty pageant known as Miss World evolved in the 1950s, it was at a time when the family would gather around the television to watch special events together. Originally founded in England, the Miss World event was initially staged to display a French designer's freshest new look in swimwear, the bikini. Controversial from the beginning, the event caught on like wildfire through the globe and was coined Miss World by the press. Following the success, the founder Eric Morley began the evolution of a now triumphant world event.

Beginning in the year 1951, Miss World pioneered a judging system titled the Majority Vote System. With military roots, this system was designed to ensure fair and equal standards. Keeping any one judge from manipulating the vote, this system guaranteed the majority opinions prevailed.

As the culture around women changed worldwide, so did the pageant. In the 1980s they walked away from the "cattle market" approach they were so often criticized for. Judging began to involve more than just looks, but talent and skills as well. Eventually their philosophy developed the search for the ideal international woman's role model. In addition to new standards for their contestants, the pageant itself began to be held to a higher benchmark and a new phrase, "Beauty with a Purpose," was coined.

Beauty Pageant Today

As part of their Beauty with a Purpose motto, Miss World has focused on fundraising opportunities to support a range of worldwide charities mostly oriented to benefit children. Through this effort they have provided over $400 million dollars to date to needy organizations.

Each year the finals are held in the fall, with the various countries selecting their contestants through national pageants and the new fast track system. The Fast Tracks are selected competitions ranging from their Beauty with a Purpose goal to talent to sports. Within these individual events, the contestants compete with the winner fast tracked to the finals instantly.

The final show is rotated throughout the global marketplace, bringing international attention and business commerce opportunities to host countries, including many poverty stricken locations.

As a world event, the pageant has been award the honor of the world's most watched television show with over two billion viewers. In recent years the competition has opened up new interactive doors by allowing web viewers to place their own votes for the winner. With over 110 countries participating, this pageant is truly deserving of its title Miss World.


Most contestants are younger female students who decide to take a sabbatical from college to compete. Whether they win or not, the experience provides them with a year of a cultural enlightening education. The year ahead of the finals is a busy one filled with smaller pageants leading up to the big event. The actual final show has narrowed it down to just 15 to 20 delegates who compete for the desired crown.Once the winner is selected, the next year will continue to be full of a variety of publicity and fundraising obligations. Additionally, there are strict public image guidelines required to maintain her title. In some historic cases, these requirements have led many a winner to give up their title within a year of winning.

Beauty & Fashion

Whether you dream of being a Miss World contestant someday or simply enjoy the observance of amazing beauty, the show itself is an outstanding display of some of the most artistically advanced makeup and fashion techniques. Sit back, enjoy, and learn as these women parade across the stage.

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