Mini Perfume Sets

Minis are small, sweet and make great gifts!

Mini perfume sets offer consumers the opportunity to sample several scents at once. If you're indecisive, fickle about fragrances or just happen to love all of the scents in a particular collection, a set is a great choice.

The Benefits of Miniature Fragrances

The delicate look of a miniature perfume bottle is beguiling, to say the least. It lends instant elegance and femininity to any vanity, and it's equally functional in its ease of portability. Popping one in a purse or stashing a few in a desk drawer at the office is a common habit for fragrance connoisseurs. Besides their aesthetic beauty and obvious convenience, there are other traits that make miniature perfumes so appealing.

  1. They offer consumers versatility. Small sizes equate to greater purchasing power for the savvy shopper; it's possible to purchase a handful of miniatures and still not pay even close to the price of a full size fragrance.
  2. They don't demand commitment. There's no need to commit to a fragrance when the bottle is smaller than half an ounce! If you don't love it, set it aside to test at a later date or to give to a friend or relative.
  3. They make great gifts. When you aren't sure exactly what sort of fragrance the individual in question likes, you can opt for a few miniature bottles instead. Mini perfume sets also make fantastic presents for the holiday season in particular, because fragrance manufacturers typically offer a plethora of them just in time for those hectic shopping days.

Mini Perfume Sets Galore

Though not all manufacturers offer miniature fragrances individually or in sets, there are plenty who do. Most well-known lines offer gift sets during the holiday season, and many sets are available year-round on various Internet fragrance boutiques.

Estee Lauder

When it comes to classic fragrances, no one does it quite like Estee Lauder. Tried-and-true scents that have stood the test of time for decades all but prove that the line's fragrances are surefire winners. Still, there's no way to tell if you'll like it unless you try it. A miniature gift set is a great way to sample a few of the scents available.


Another industry legend, Lancome, carries some of the most famous fragrances in the world.


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Anna Sui

Looking for something perfect for a teen or ultra-feminine young woman? Look no further than Anna Sui. The funky designer can always be counted on to offer up something adventurous and girlish, and that extends to her fragrances, too.

Christian Dior

Dior is renowned for everything from haute handbags to irresistible jewelry. It's the fragrances, though, that have really made a lasting impact.

Ralph Lauren

Let's not forget the men! Ralph Lauren is always a reliable selection. His scents are ageless, and they suit nearly every occasion.

Jean Paul Gaultier

Never underestimate the power of Jean Paul Gaultier's magnetic, addictive fragrances.


Be your best friend's (or sister's, mother's or other significant female loved one's) favorite person when you present her with a delightful, limited edition set by DKNY.

Find More

For a greater selection of sets, visit Sephora or your local department store fragrance counters. Now is a great time to stock up!

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Mini Perfume Sets