Mermaid Makeup Photos

Pretty Mermaid Makeup Photos

Use these gorgeous mermaid makeup photos for inspiration the next time you want to pretend to be an underwater princess!

Mermaid makeup should be ethereal and soft, evoking a deep sea calm. Focus on sea colors and blend well for the most convincing mermaid look.

See if these sea-worthy beauties inspire you to adopt a set of fins and shell jewelry. Use mermaid makeup photos to give you some ideas the next time you decide to play sea goddess!

Soft, Muted Colors

Keep your makeup soft and subtle. Mermaids aren't known for wearing dark or smokey shades.

Nude lips and light eye shadow are perfect for a mermaid face.

Lots of Blues

You can also go for deep blues and greens on the eyes. It's darker, but still fits the underwater theme.

Want long-lasting makeup? Then try cream shadows instead of powder.

Extreme Mermaid Makeup Photos

For women who want something even more exciting, transform your entire face (or body!) with face and body paints in colors like silver, blue and sea green.

Affix glittery jewels with face-safe adhesives for added sparkle.

Fantasy Mermaid

You can also try keeping the makeup to a minimum and focus instead on details like seashells.

Surround your eyes or let shells travel down the side of your face in an attractive, curving pattern.

Deep Sea Beauty

This look is more avant garde, including the detailed eye makeup, blue lip color, blue fingernails, and shells affixed along the arm.

A Complete Ensemble

Naturally, your mermaid look will be much more convincing if you dress the part.

This mermaid focuses heavily on the eyes, while keeping her lips a light coral color.

Use a wig, shells and of course, a big blue fin, to complete your transformation.

Perfect Mermaid Look

Soft pink lips combined with sea green colors on the eyes make this a great mermaid look.

Want to find more ethereal makeup inspiration? Try this gallery of fantasy makeup looks -- you don't have to wait for Halloween to try them out!

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Mermaid Makeup Photos