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Mens Summer Fragrances

Cheryl Cirelli
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Men's fragrances can be refreshing.

Feel fresh and energetic in men's summer fragrances. There are many scents made just for summer, so when the weather gets warm switch from your old standby to something new and light.

About Men's Summer Fragrances

What fragrance you choose to wear can be a direct reflection of your personality. Fragrance can be a fun way to make a statement. For warmer months, choose a lighter scent than the one you wear for winter or fall. Summer fragrances are not heavy and are refreshing and bright. For men, they often contain fruity or woody scents. Additionally, botanical and herbal scents work well for summer.

Many summer fragrances come in a splash rather than a cologne. This makes for a great pick me up anytime you need a lift. Just add a refreshing splash of fragrance whenever you need a little extra boost.

Popular Scent Notes

There are many popular notes found in summer fragrances for men. Many use a unique combination of ingredients to create a one-of-a-kind scent. It is common to find similar notes in many of the summer fragrances. It is the way that they are used with other ingredients that determine the final product. Some summer notes that are used in men's fragrances include:

  • Citrus
  • Cedar
  • Sandalwood
  • Musk

Many of these notes will remind you of the ocean, beach and the outdoors. Summer scents are designed to be reflective of the season and will often remind you of things that are enjoyed during the summertime.

Summer days lend themselves well to sporty, active scents, while evening choices might be a bit more rich or musky. Something that is slightly more spicy, but not too heavy, will be a good evening option.

Summer Scents to Consider

Enter any department store and you will be sure to find a counter filled with the latest men's fragrances for the season. Of course, you will find classic scents that remain popular season after season, but don't overlook the new ones that may be exactly what you are looking for as a summer option.

Many designers have a summer version of their classic cologne. They will often use summer as part of the name. For example, Calvin Klein adds a twist to their Eternity cologne with their updated version called Eternity for Men Summer. This scent is clean and crisp. It contains notes of melon, violet leaves, cedar leaf oil, amber and patchouli.

Marc Jacobs Men is a light scent that works well for spring and summer. It contains a mix of seductive scents such as ginger, cardamom, cypress, fig, musk and Italian bergamot.

Another possibility is Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. This is a favorite among men of all ages and has a fruity undertone and cedarwood base.

Cool Water by Davidoff is one of the most popular men's summer fragrances on the market. It is reminiscent of the outdoors and sea. This refreshing scent is filled with notes of jasmine, lavender, musk and sandalwood.

Other summer choices for men include:

  • Burberry Summer
  • Fahrenheit Summer by Christian Dior

Fragrance Tips

Since the weather is warmer in summer and you tend to sweat more, go easy on the fragrance. Apply it lighter than you would during the winter months. A less concentrated form of fragrance is a body splash which is a great option that you can spray on from head to toe. Try layering your fragrance by using a body wash and deodorant in the same scent. Remember to have fun with fragrance, choose one that will remind you of everything you love about summer and enjoy wearing it proudly.

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Mens Summer Fragrances