Pictures of Megan Fox's Makeup Looks

Get Megan Fox Makeup Looks

Megan Fox makeup varies depending on the movie premiere she happens to be attending.

That said, however, she does seem to favor three distinctive looks:

  • A fresh faced look
  • Tanned, bronzed and beautiful.
  • A strong mouth.

With that in mind, and as you click through these images, be sure to keep an eye out for the various tips you can use to help steal her style!

Fresh Faced Beauty

Megan Fox clearly shows that you don't always need a face full of cosmetics to look beautiful.

With her blue eyes, shades of coral "pop" on her face as you can see by looking at her eyes and lips.

A touch of light colored eye pencil on the inner corners of the eyes keeps the look slightly angelic-looking.

If you don't have blue eyes, you can still pull off this look by opting for a sheer eye shadow in a complimentary tone.

For example, brown eyes can use a sheer violet shadow and pair with a slightly plumy blush.

Bronzed Beauty

You too can also look like you've just come back from a trip from St. Martinique! The trick is to use a combination of bronzer and blush.

Sheer lips keeps the look natural and if your shoulders happen to be bare, don't be shy about dusting them with bronzer (or a touch of tanning lotion) too.

Sultry Vixen

With a mouth this strong, you'll need to remember to keep these eyes in focus too- don't go bare!

The makeup "lines" for this look needs to be sharp, so use the correct eye shadow brush and sharp eyeliners when applicable.

Top with a deep berry mouth that is finished with a bit of shine.

Rock N Roll Chic

You don't have to be a fan of Motley Crue or AC/DC to sport a glammed up rock look.

Like Megan, keep the eyes smoky in a flattering shade, lips sheer and don't forget to dust your cheeks with a bit of color.

Natural Beauty

The key to scoring this look is to make sure that your lips are colored in a lip stain.

If you can't find one that's suitable, fill your lips in with a matching lip liner, blot, and top it off with some lip gloss.

Strong, filled-in brows also help you to look younger, so if yours are a bit skimpy, fill them in with a pencil or a matching eye shadow.

Ice Queen

A mixture of icy hues and smoky colors completes this look.

Barely there lips and smoky eyes will help you obtain this look. Use and illuminator on top of blush to get that extra sparkle.

Vacation Chic

Slightly tanned skin and minimal makeup is essential to this laid back look.

Get this style by dusting your cheeks and forehead with blush, keeping lips light, and applying eye makeup more heavily on the top lids than the bottom lash line.

Sophisticated Beauty

This sophisticated look is kept soft with the addition of apricot blush. Curling your lashes and sweeping your hair off to the side keeps this look elegant.

Blush and bronzer is extremely important to Megan Fox and to her signature makeup look. Choose the right shade of blush for your skin tone by visiting the choose the right shade of blush slideshow.

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Pictures of Megan Fox's Makeup Looks