Maybelline Shiny Licious Lip Gloss with Soft Touch

Let lips shine like never before!

If you love the look and feel of lip gloss, but crave the color of lipstick, you'll love Maybelline Shiny Licious Lip Gloss with Soft Touch. This gloss has a wide range of colors; you'll find something for every day wear or something for a night on the town.

Maybelline Quality Commitment

Women everywhere recognize the name Maybelline. Affordable, but good quality makeup has become synonymous with this company. Their lipstick and lip gloss lines are no exception. Long-wearing and moisturizing, you'll find Maybelline Shiny Licious Lip Gloss with Soft Touch fits right in with the other lip lines of Maybelline.

L'Oréal USA, Inc., of which Maybelline is a part of, does no animal testing on its products and hasn't since 1989, which is good news to animal lovers who also enjoy makeup!

Details on Maybelline Shiny Licious Lip Gloss with Soft Touch

Maybelline Shiny Licious offers a high gloss sheen. For those who love Jaclyn Smith or Natalie Portman, that high gloss look helps them feel just as glamorous as their favorite celebrity and offers that extra "star" quality.

The Shinylicious line offers an all-in-one solution for lip color and gloss and comes in a wide variety of shades. Not only will you find pinks and reds, but neutrals and browns and everything in between.

Shades of Shiny Licious by Maybelline
Pinks Mauves Plums Corals Reds Browns Naturals Clear
Crushed Candy Grape-Full Jam'n Jelly Coral Punch Strawberry Tart Banana Pudding Coconut Cream Berry-Clear
Berry-Bella Sugar Plum Chocolate Cherry Melon-Ball Cinnamon Apple N/A Caramella N/A
Pink Sorbet Raiz'n Razzle N/A N/A N/A N/A Cola-Float N/A
Lolly-Pink N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Each flavor has a yummy, fruity scent that makes this gloss as unique as the wearer and the gloss is not sticky, waxy or drying to the lips. The scent is not overwhelming, but pleasant and mild.

Suggested Application

Maybelline's website recommends that the gloss be applied by starting in the center of the top lip and working to the outer edges and then repeating on the bottom. Follow the natural contours of your mouth while applying this gloss. Some makeup experts also suggest dabbing a lighter color of gloss in the center of your lower lip to make it look fuller.

The applicator has a fuzzy tip with a hole in the center, which gives it a unique, patented application. Unlike some of the plastic and roll on applicators out there, this applicator allows the wearer some precision and detail while putting on the gloss color. The tube itself is about four or five inches long, an inch or so wide and clear, so you can see the gloss inside and also see when the tube needs to be replaced. The screw-on lid matches the shade of lip gloss inside the tube. The tube is small enough to fit easily inside a purse, pocket or evening bag.

This gloss does not have to be worn over lipstick as it has a rich color of its own. However, for a deeper, more vibrant hue, you can combine with your favorite Maybelline lipstick. Some lipsticks to try with this gloss include SuperStay Lipcolor, which provides 16-hour lip color, and Moisture Extreme, which provides even more nourishment to your lips.

Another application technique is to outline the lips with a lip liner, such as Line Stylist or Moisture Extreme and then cover with Maybelline Shiny Licious Lip Gloss with Soft Touch for a more extreme look.

Although the gloss doesn't feel tacky, some users have complained of hair sticking to lips on windy days, so on blustery days wait until you are indoors before applying.

Cost of Shiny Licious Compared to Other Glosses

This lip gloss is reasonably priced, from around $4 or $5, depending upon the retailer. You can often find it on sale at drug stores such as Walgreen's, Rite Aid and CVS, although coupons are in short supply. Love this gloss and never want to risk running out? Or maybe you just want an extra tube to keep in the house and one for your purse. You may want to stock up when you find it on sale. Shiny Licious is sure to impress you and give you hours of moisturizing wear.

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