Mary Kay Stress Free Sheer Fragrance Mist

Mary Kay Stress Free Sheer Mist

The Mary Kay Stress Free Sheet Fragrance Mist is a relaxing and coveted scent, designed to soothe, calm, and gently revitalize as a unique combination aromatherapy and perfume.

Like most major beauty brands, Mary Kay Cosmetics also offers fragrances and spa and body care products. A trusted name in skincare and makeup, Mary Kay's perfumes have also earned an excellent reputation and there are a variety of types for both women and men. Fragrances include Eau de Parfums, Eau de Toilettes, colognes, and body mists and spritzers.

About the Mary Kay Stress Free Sheer Fragrance Mist

The Mary Kay Sheer Stress Free Mist perfume is part of the Private Spa collection, and while light and refreshing, is also designed to be indulgent. This unique scent combines healing green tea leaf, fresh sweet pear, and a breezy soft magnolia to soothe, calm, and refresh. The de-stressing spay is a combination aromatherapy and perfume for a multi-functional product.

The result is not only a pleasing perfume, but also an enveloping of the wearer in a scent that is therapeutic as well, invoking a feeling of being stress free. The mist comes in a standard 1.7 ounce size as well as a smaller travel size.

Stress Free Indulgence

Light mists are an essential part of any woman's fragrance collection, and with the number of stresses in today's world, perhaps none is better suited than a body spray that offers a reduction in stress! The Mary Kay Stress Free Sheer Fragrance Mist is an ideal scent for after an evening bath to ease tension. It is also a prime choice for a subtle scent touch for every day, and could be layered with body lotion or other perfume to create uniquely personal fragrance combination. Perhaps for those who enjoy playing with scents, layered with a richer or more sensual scent for evening wear. The Mary Kay Stress Free fragrance spray is also excellent to carry in a tote or purse to instantly freshen up and feel at ease for impromptu lunches, dinners or other activities. Spritz it lightly on pillows, your favorite chair, or other places you want to crowd out the cares of the world to help lift and soothe your senses.

Where to Buy

The mists from the Private Spa collection are unfortunately discontinued perfumes. The Mary Kay Stress Free Sheer Fragrance Mist scent is one of the most popular, and now one of the rarest of the Sheer Mist scents. Ebay sellers may Stress Free fragrance spray available. New, boxed perfume may be sold or testers and used mists sold for a lower price. The Stress Free scent may also available in a lot or set along with other Mary Kay products.

More Sheer Mist Scents

The full line of Mary Kay Sheer Mist scents from the Private Spa collection includes:

  • Embrace Harmony: A soothing mix including notes of cypress wood, bamboo, and marine extract.
  • Embrace Romance: This warm scent is a romantic blend featuring vanilla, amber, musk, and sandalwood.
  • Embrace Today: This energizing scent is a mix of crisp citrus notes.
  • Embrace Dreams: This relaxing fragrance utilizes soft florals with a whisper of warm red tea and woodsy notes.
  • Embrace Happiness: A refreshing scent mixing florals and tea-inspired scents such as lemon and guarana.
  • Joy Full: Bright blueberry combines with honeysuckle, hyacinth, and French vanilla in this sunny scent.
  • Sea Level: This fragrance combines sea moss, water lily, and aquatic notes for a fresh and tranquil scent.
  • Revitalizing: An invigorating body spray that will wake up your sense with citrus and freesia scents.
  • Pure Bliss: One of the rarest Sheer Mist scents, Pure Bliss is a rich floral with rose and osmanthus notes.

Mary Kay also offers other mist products that are perfect for a refreshing spray of scent or a great gift idea. A few additional scents Sheer Mist fans might enjoy include:

  • Mary Kay Bamboo and Lotus Body Spritzer
  • Mary Kay Red Tea and Fig Body Spritzer
  • Frosted Vanilla or Glistening Winter Berry Body Sprays (Available in gift sets with accompanying body wash and body butter.)

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Mary Kay Stress Free Sheer Fragrance Mist