Mary Kay Lip Gloss Review


For a Mary Kay lip gloss review we should start with the brand. For years Mary Kay has been known as America's best selling brand of cosmetics. With such a huge assortment of products to choose from it may be a little difficult to believe that all of them live up to this claim. Let's look at one of those products--Mary Kay lip gloss.

Mary Kay's Lip Gloss Claims

According to the company, Mary Kay Signature Lip Gloss provides sparkle and shine along with moisture and protection. The formula contains microspheres and a special botanical blend designed to minimize lines and fine wrinkles around the lips.

Mary Kay Lip Gloss Review

Mary Kay Signature lip gloss is available in 10 colors that are designed to complement MK Signature lip liners and cream lipsticks. Of all the color choices, my selection was Cream & Sugar. It sounds like a dessert, which is probably what first drew me to it.

In fact, most of the colors sound pretty tasty. Mary Kay lip gloss comes in Beach Bronze, Berry Sparkle, Coral Rose, Gold Rush, Cream & Sugar, Melon Sorbet, Pink Diamonds, Starry (which is clear), Sugarberry, and Sweet Raisin. Don't worry, the company promises there are no calories in their lip gloss. So feel free to choose one that sounds yummy to you.

The color I chose is a subtle neutral gold. I found that it looked great with any lip color that I chose to blend it with. It also looks fabulous alone. Your Mary Kay consultant will probably recommend that you just apply Mary Kay lip gloss to the center of your bottom lip and then press your lips together to distribute the gloss. This works wonderfully to give you a natural look instead of looking like you need a napkin.

Never Say Never

According to the company, Mary Kay lip gloss "never feels sticky". I'm not so sure that I agree. Occasionally my lips would seem a bit gooey. Possibly I had applied too much.

The company also boasts moisturizers and conditioners to make your lips feel soft and supple. I really didn't notice the difference between it and other brands in that respect. In fact, I had the best results when I applied a lip balm before applying color and gloss.

A Word of Warning

If you decide to try Mary Kay lip gloss, I would like to warn you of one thing; if you have teenaged daughters be sure you purchase more than one. Mine has disappeared. Lately though, I've noticed my girls have a subtle, golden glitter to their lips.

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Mary Kay Lip Gloss Review