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Glow from the inside out.

Mary Kay Cosmetics is a privately held company, founded in Dallas in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash, with just a nine-item product line. From its humble beginnings, the company grew exponentially, and today carries over 200 products. In 2005, Mary Kay Cosmetics reported over $2.2 million in worldwide sales. The company claims to be to have the best-selling line of skin care and color cosmetics in the United States.

Company History

The Mary Kay philosophy has always emphasized empowering women and encouraging them to live a balanced life. The company's mission statement stresses God first, family second, and the company third. From a single salesperson, Mary Kay, in a single market, the company has grown to employ 1.6 million independent beauty consultants, working in thirty countries. The company is known for using incentives to motivate its salesforce, the top prize being the famous pink Cadillac. Although Mary Kay died in 2001, her company -- and her vision -- still live on.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Products

Mary Kay Cosmetics span a vast spectrum of beauty products, for men and women, including skin care, fragrance, color cosmetics, and spa and body products.

Skin Care

Skin care products were the foundation of the company's products. Today, skin care product lines include anti-aging products, cleansers, mosturization products, classic basic skin care, lip and eye care products, and a men's skin care line.


They carry a full line of fragrances, ranging from light floral scents to heady, earthy ones. The fragrance line includes "Journey", "Velocity", and "Angelfire" for women and "Domain", "Tribute", and "Velocity" for men.

Color Cosmetics

Mary Kay cosmetics color line includes products for lips, eyes, cheeks, and nails as well as foundation, concealers, powders, compacts and applicators, and facial highlight pens.

Spa and Body

Spa and body products are designed to pamper and indulge. Included are the "Private Spa Collection", which features a series of scented body washes, candle sets, body mists, and mosturizing lotions. The line's "Body Care" is a collection of buffing creams, cleansing lotions, hand cream, and hydrating gel. "Sun Essentials" include sunblock products as well as sunless tanning lotion.

Where to Buy May Kay Cosmetics

Mary Kay Cosmetics are sold exclusively through one of the 1.6 million independent beauty consultants worldwide. Mary Kay's beauty consultants are independent salespeople. You can locate the one nearest you from the Mary Kay website. There's probably one in your neighborhood. Beauty consultants sell via skin care and cosmetics parties, at regional markets, and by catalog. Some even have websites so that you can order from them online. Your products are delivered directly by your beauty consultant, thus ensuring that hands-on service for which Mary Kay is famous.

Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation

The Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, founded in 1980, is a nonprofit organization, dedicated to Mary Kay's second husband, Mel. Its goal is to obtain funding for cancer research, particularly for those cancers effecting women. In 2000, the foundation expanded its focus to include battling violence against women. The profits of Mary Kay's three best-selling books have all gone to the foundation.

What's New

Mary Kay Cosmetics continues to expand by adding new beauty consultants and expanding into new markets. New products for 2006 include a special bridal product line, new anti-aging products, and an expansion of the men's product line.

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