Mary Kay Affection Review


Mary Kay Affection is an indulgent fragrance from this well-known beauty company.

About Mary Kay

Mary Kay Cosmetics has been in business since September of 1963. First known as Beauty by Mary Kay, this business has expanded over the decades to become a leading company in the beauty industry. Some of the first perfumes created by the company was "Avenir" and "Angel Fire." Currently, the company has six fragrances for women, four for men and several scented body sprays.

Packaging Description

Here are some specifics about the product and the packaging. Affection has a unique bottle shape and stylish packaging.

  • Easy to hold, slant-style glass body with a removable lid
  • Spray mister is located under the removable cap
  • Each bottle holds 1 fluid ounce of fragrance
  • Bottles are colored glass that has a slightly red tint
  • Comes in a red and silver box package

Mary Kay Affection Review

Mary Kay describes this product as "pure luxury in a bottle" and I totally agree. This perfume is classified as "oriental" and it has definite amber undertones. The fragrance is complex and I could detect layers of wood, pink peppercorn and some type of patchouli. I sprayed this perfume twice, once directly on my skin and then a second time after I was dressed. The aroma lingered all day and my husband loves it.

Affection is reminiscent of Calvin Klein's Obsession, only a little sweeter. My mother commented that it reminded her of Taboo by Dana. Mary Kay has a real hit with this perfume. I love the scent and plan to use it on special romantic occasions with my husband. It is a bit heavy for wearing to work but perfect when you want to make an entrance.

While I love this fragrance, it is a bit pricey. It only comes in a 1 fluid ounce bottle and the price is $50 USD.

My Mary Kay Affection review resulted in a new, personal favorite fragrance. I like this sensual, romantic scent. I think it makes a perfect fall/winter aroma.

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Mary Kay Affection Review