Makeup Tips for Women on a Budget

Save money with free makeup samples!

Makeup tips for women on a budget range from actual money-saving tips to applying makeup in such a way that it saves one money in the long run.

Some Makeup Tips for Women on a Budget

Following some makeup tips for women on a budget is a great way to save money year round, by keeping a cool, calm head; one can find ways to slash monetary costs while still looking fabulous!

Tips That Save Money

Some of these makeup tips help one on the monetary side of this issue, such as:

Buy Quality Items

One great step is knowing what cosmetic items to splurge on and which to skimp on. It's always a good idea to invest heavily in a high quality foundation. This is because a really good foundation won't clog one's pores, matches the skin exactly, and provides a flawless canvas (the skin itself) that always looks great. Skimping on this item can mean risking breakouts and blemish; something no one wants.

What's the best way to go about accomplishing this? First, set a budget, for example, $200.00 for the entire season. From there, carve out a substantial chunk of money; let's say $80.00, for a really good foundation. The money that is leftover can now be spent on other items, for example lipsticks, eyeliners and the like.

Invest in Multitasking Cosmetics

Many cosmetics out there now do double-duty. For example, some products can now be used on both the cheeks and the lips. As one can image, this can save a lot of money in the long run; instead of purchasing two distinct items, you'll only need to purchase one. Additionally, as an added bonus, these double-duty products, whether in a bag or on a makeup counter, tend to take up less space.

Score Free Samples

Obtaining free makeup samples can also hold down costs considerably, but how does one get them? The easiest way is to visit your local department store's makeup counter. Once there, ask for a makeover from one of the highly trained makeup artists.

After the makeover, request samples of all the products that the makeup artist used to achieve the look. Another great way to get free makeup samples is to visit popular cosmetic sites, like that of (there's usually a link to free samples on the home page).

Take a Minimal Approach

Other solid makeup tips for women on a budget includes paring down one's makeup routine. For example, is it really necessary to wear "full-on" makeup every day? The answer is no. Not only is that process time consuming, but it also causes one's makeup products to run out more quickly, and most of the time, unnecessarily.

The best thing to do is to only highlight one feature at a time, and to try to take into account where you'll be going. For example, it's perfectly reasonable to wear professional- looking makeup (including foundation) is one is heading to the office, but if one is attending a baseball game on a Saturday afternoon, it's easy to see that it may be more practical to attend sans (without) foundation.

Parlay a New Career

One can also parlay their love of makeup into a full blown career. Companies like Mary Kay and Mark Cosmetics encourage those with a love of makeup products to translate that passion into becoming sales representatives. The great news about this is that this could also be a part time job, which means that one can keep their day job while earning extra money to spend on discretionary items.

Putting It All Together

It's clear to see that there are many makeup tips for women on a budget. While it's true that employing jus one or two of these tips can help save money, there's no reason not to try all of the steps. The best thing one can do is to evaluate their personal situation, and then make an informed decision from there. This way, you'll be able to enjoy buying cosmetics and still manage to save a few dollars too!

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Makeup Tips for Women on a Budget