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Ask a guy about makeup that men find sexy and his answer may differ markedly from what you expect. Men are as different and particular about what they like as women are, so when it comes to a subject like cosmetics, guys definitely have their own opinions.

Men Know What They Like

Even when dealing with a man who doesn't know which end of a mascara wand is which, don't be surprised to find that a guy friend or significant other still knows what he likes and what he doesn't like on women. He may say that he loves how Megan Fox or Beyonce look, but when it comes to his wife or girlfriend, he might prefer a different look.

Remember, too, that many men are clueless when it comes to cosmetics. They have no idea what goes into the daily transformation that many women cope with; they only know whether or not they like the end result.

Types of Makeup That Men Find Sexy

Different men like different things. If there's a particular man you want to attract, try to find out his specific likes. However, don't forget that your comfort comes first. If a man loves a bare-faced, natural look and your favorite shopping spot is Sephora, you may have to come to a middle ground so that you feel great while still trying to get his attention.

Finding out what makeup that men find sexy is further complicated by the fact that so many men say they like a "natural" look and too much makeup is a turn-off, but women tend to feel more confident wearing at least a little bit of makeup. At the very least, many women think mascara and lip color enhance their looks.

Men may find a makeup look sexy, but at the same time, they may prefer to see it on a Hollywood star or someone else they don't plan to approach. So should you bother to wear it? As with opinions, this is subjective and each woman needs to decide for herself. These are some makeup techniques guys typically find sexy:

  • Smoky eyes: Smoky eyes tend to smolder, but you don't always have to use black and charcoal to get your point across. You can try shades of brown, blue or even green to create a sexy, smoky eye. Save this dramatic look for evening or nighttime, though you can try a toned-down smoky eye during the day.
  • Long, thick lashes: Voluminous eyelashes make your eyes "pop." Skillful mascara application or fake lashes make it easy to get the right look.
  • Lush, red lips: Perfectly applied red lipstick on full, lush lips is definitely sexy, although most guys don't want to kiss a woman who's wearing a ton of it. If you sport this look on a date, try lipstick that won't end up all over him if you end the night with a kiss. Good choices in long-lasting colors include Revlon's Colorstay Lipstick and L'Oreal Endless Kissable Lipstick.
  • Natural lip color: Instead of vibrant red, you can still put off a sexy vibe with lip color in more natural tones. Choose colors that complement your complexion and add a hint of shine with a thin layer of gloss.

All of the makeup tips in the world won't help you if you're not happy with your look, so if you feel fabulous in glossy peach lipstick, then wear it. Confidence is incredibly attractive and may do much more than the "perfect" shade of lip color.

Secrets to Sexy Natural-Looking Makeup

While many women turn to the transforming power of cosmetics to look sexy, don't underestimate the appeal of natural-looking makeup. Many men find that a woman's natural beauty, enhanced only lightly with makeup, is incredibly alluring. So, just how can you get a pretty and polished makeup look that isn't overdone? These tips are the secret to flawless, sexy, and yes, natural-looking makeup:

  • Learn which makeup colors are best for you personally. Take a class or visit your local cosmetics counter to find out which colors complement your skin, eyes, and hair.
  • Decide which facial features are your best assets. You might have gorgeous eyes, but want to downplay your nose. You may have model-like cheekbones, gorgeous lips, or mile-long lashes. Play up your best features with the right products.
  • De-emphasize your problem areas. Choosing the right foundation can go a long way in hiding problem skin. Learning how to highlight and contour can really make your best features stand out while downplaying the less-desirable ones.
  • Application is everything. Use the techniques touted by makeup professionals and use quality makeup brushes to achieve your best look.

Get Advice

If you still don't know how your makeup comes across, ask a trusted friend, whether a man or a woman. You may be overdoing it without realizing it and someone else's viewpoint could help. The bottom line, however, is that you like how you look when you step out your front door every day. Feeling confident often equals feeling beautiful...and sexy.

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Makeup That Men Find Sexy