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A makeup table can be an important piece of furniture in your home. This type of furniture can help keep you organized, streamlining your morning routines and holding everything essential to your dressing and makeup routine. No matter what your storage needs or how you want to use it, there is a cosmetic table that can fit into your life.

Makeup vs. Vanity Tables

Makeup and vanity tables are similar, although they are not necessarily the same thing. They are just regular table surfaces designed to hold all the contents of an overflowing makeup bag. Vanity tables are equipped with mirrors and lights to accentuate the flaws and imperfections in the face, so they can be corrected. Many of the mirrors on vanity tables even reflect a magnified image to give you an even closer view.

Vanity Mirrors

To combine the benefits of makeup and vanity tables, consider purchasing one of the pre-lit, magnified vanity mirrors to accentuate your experience. This can combine function and space, as vanity tables tend to be a great deal larger than tables used for makeup. Whether you are happy with your run-of-the-mill table or you are just not willing to give up the space in your room that so many vanity tables require, a vanity mirror can definitely help you get the most out of your makeup table - if you are willing to make the investment.

Makeup Table Sizes

No matter how many cosmetics or how much space you have, there are plenty of tables out there that can accommodate your needs. Good luck choosing just one - most cosmetic tables are just charming. There are some that blend in with the woodwork and are as nondescript and simple as possible. If you're looking for something sparse and extremely low-key, you should have no problem finding something of that nature, either. Take a look at some of these picks for a taste of what's available on the market today.

Small Makeup Tables

Even if you don't have much room, these small tables can fit into a variety of tiny spaces and decors. From old world to modern, there is a small table that can fit your space.

  • Elegant and practically fit for a princess, this feminine Lea Emma vanity manages to squeeze a lot onto a rather small platform. Two swing-out compartments and three drawers offer a lot of space in one small profile.
  • Old world charm is easily achieved with this delicate Alabaster vanity. Two drawers offer a bit of extra space, while the shelf offers additional storage. Perfect for someone who wants something unfussy and understated; this set still manages to come across as refined and attractive.
  • Go mod with this very slick, unexpected glossy set from FurnitureNY. Sparse and lacking any extra features, this set includes a slightly rounded mirror over a flat tabletop. The matching stool is cushioned for comfort.
  • With its deep, regal finish, this Heirloom Cherry Vanity Table with Bench leaves nothing behind in offering class and functionality all at once. A full size drawer provides just a small amount of room, but it's enough for storing a handful of essentials. Brass-plated hardware is a beautiful accent against the dark cherry wood. A matching bench is upholstered with a thick floral fabric.

Larger Tables

Makeup tables don't have to come in small sizes; they can fill an entire wall if you have the space for them. If storage and use is what you're after, these tables fit the bill.

  • Dramatic and feminine, this eye-catching Claudia mirrored vanity with bench gives you ample counter space. Four drawers help keep you organized, while the bench lets you get ready in comfort as well as style.
  • Sleek and modern with enough counter space to spread out, the Lorna dressing table with storage cube seat measures in at 54-inches wide. It also comes with two drawers, so you can help keep its sleek lines uncluttered.
  • -The Jamestown Landing Vanity table is a serious piece of furniture, as well as a functional makeup table. A lift up mirror folds down to create more counter space and help it blend seamlessly into the woodwork when not in use.
  • If you want old world elegance, with storage to handle all your needs, consider the Traditional Birch vanity set. This large mirrored, many-drawed vanity provides everything you'll need to get ready each day.

Create a Table at Home

Many people choose to forego shopping for the traditional table and choose to build their own or use something they already have available. Writing desks, small round tables and even coffee tables are great options when it comes to making your own makeup table. DIY tables are more popular than ever before, and they don't involve much work. Just grab a mirror, a stylish tablecloth and organize your cosmetics over the top and voila: you have constructed your own makeup table, for little to no money.

Measure and Take Stock Before You Buy

A makeup table is a great way to stay organized and on top of things each day. To make sure you get one that will really work for you, measure the space you want to put it in, including room for the chair to find the best fit. Then, go through your cosmetics and other items that you want to keep on hand to ensure the table you buy has enough space. Remember that the table can only help you if you use it, so be sure to get one that truly suits your needs.

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