Makeup Shades for Bronze Skin

Flaunt a golden glow!

Are you seeking makeup shades for bronze skin?

Whether your bronze glow is natural or is compliments of the surf and sun, you'll want to emphasize its beauty with the right shades of cosmetics.

Makeup Shades for Bronze Skin

When summer rolls around, many women find themselves ditching the cool berry and pink cosmetics most flaunted in the cooler months and opt for bold makeup shades for bronze skin. Sizzling heat and sultry nights call for a tropical palette. Here's a few tips for emphasizing that bronze glow!


If you've got bronze skin, you can wear a much brighter and bolder lip color than you might think. Although jarring corals and bright orange reds may seem alarming in their packaging, they're a match made in heaven for darker skin tones. If you opt for an orange or a coral lip color, keep the rest of your makeup simple, or pair a bright color with a dark, smoldering eye. A fiesta palette of red, orange and bright pink lipsticks will see you through day or night. For extra protection during heated summer months, opt for a lip color that also has sunscreen.


Bronzed cheeks can be highlighted with varying shades of bronzing powder, or can be made cheeky and vibrant with a hot pink shade. If you opt for blush, keep skin nourished and moisturized by choosing a cream variety. Cream blushes add a light layer of sheen that will help highlight your bronzed glow while keeping skin nourished and dewy. Stay away from light pink tones, which will only disappear on bronzed skin, and avoid dark berry blushes, which will appear muddy on deeper skin tones. A bright pink or coral blush is sure to look the best on bronzed skin.


Women who have bronzed skin can wear a variety of makeup looks. The most obvious choice is a smoky and smoldering sexy eye. If you're going for a goddess look, all you'll need is a black kohl eyeliner, dark black mascara and a golden eye shadow to create a glistened effect. If you're opting for a clean eye, a neutral eye shadow in a shimmery ivory or taupe will look perfectly polished when paired with mascara.

Because of the emphasized color of bronzed skin, it's not really necessary to wear too much eye color or eye makeup. Instead, draw attention to your peepers by curling eyelashes and applying several coats of your favorite mascara. If you want to add some color, why not opt for one of the several color mascara varieties on the market? A bright teal blue or rich plum will compliment bronzed skin and highlight blue, brown or hazel eyes while adding a splash of tropical flair.


Highlighters are a great way to add sheen and sexy shimmer to your skin tone. Highlighters are available in cream, lotion, powder, and beaded varieties. The beaded forms have various opalescent shades that blend together to create a natural and healthy gleam. Liquid forms of highlighters can be applied directly to the cheekbones and upper brow to draw attention to the facial structure. When paired with a lip gloss and little else, highlighters are the easiest way to go natural and bronzed.

Change Your Tone

If your deeper skin tone is the result of tanning or sun exposure, you'll probably need to change your foundation or eye makeup concealer to better match your new skin tone. For women born with bronzed skin, practically every cosmetic line has concealers and foundations suitable for deeper and richer skin colors. To find the best match, select a foundation or a concealer that matches the inside of your wrist. When choosing a concealer, always select a shade lighter than your skin tone, rather than darker.

With such a fabulous array of tropical and bright, and glistening and golden shades makeup colors, it's easy to find a bronzed makeup look that brings out your gilded beauty!

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Makeup Shades for Bronze Skin