Makeup Pictures from Different Eras

Makeup Pictures - Different Eras

If you're a makeup junkie, you may be able to identify what decade it is just by viewing makeup pictures from different eras.

Each decade had its own fashion and cosmetic trends. World events often shaped what was going on in the world of fashion, but one thing that didn't change much was the love affair between women and their makeup.

Take a walk through history with this visual representation of the changing face of makeup.

The 1920s face was characterized by super-skinny brows, bow-like red lips and creamy face powder.

1930s Glam

Although much of the world was suffering from the Depression, women still desired to look like the popular 1930s starlets of the day, such as Jean Harlow and Greta Garbo.

This meant more of the skinny eyebrow and red lips. A popular daytime look found women applying petroleum jelly to their eyelids and eyebrows.

Dark Siren of the 1940s

The 1940s ushered in pin-up girls and the femme fatale. Hair trends called for longer, wavy styles.

Thicker eyebrows, red lips and natural tones on the eyes were the order of the day.

The Fresh Faced 50s

The 1950s is generally regarded as a wholesome, prosperous era.

Women's makeup was usually simple, but pancake foundation was still popular. Bright red matte lips were the focus of the face, as eye and cheek makeup was more natural.

Mad for Mod

The 1960s face ran the gamut from the heavily made-up mod look to the more natural late 60s hippie look.

Mod makeup called for lots of bright eye shadow (often white or silver), heavy dark eyeliner and false lashes, with pale colors on the lips.

Natural Face

As the 1960s wore on, a more natural look became popular, mostly among hippies and flower children.

If any makeup was worn at all, it was usually just mascara and a clear gloss or pale lipcolor.

Disco Divas

The 1970s started out like the late 60s in terms of natural makeup, but by the time disco hit the scene, women were once again reaching for color -- and lots of it!

Pale, metallic eyeshadows and glossy lipsticks were everywhere, but especially on the dance floor.

The Matte Era

Women in the 80s took the workplace by storm, wearing dramatically padded shoulders in their tops and jackets, as well as variations of men's ties.

The makeup gave a similarly strong image. It was often matte, from the foundation and powder to the lips. Eyes were heavily defined, cheeks were contoured and lips were dark.

The 90s and Beyond

In the early 1990s, makeup moved toward a more natural look.

Today's woman is encouraged to identify her unique colors and style. Better skin care leads to needing less coverage, which allows natural beauty to show.

For more makeup pictures from different eras, this collection of old school makeup photos holds more nostalgic images.

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Makeup Pictures from Different Eras