Makeup Mistake Pictures

Makeup Mistakes

Makeup mistake pictures can demonstrate what you don't want to do in your own makeup routine. Know what to avoid to look your best.

This picture shows a common makeup mistake women make. Heavy black liner doesn't always have to be a no-go. Many women, however, line all around their eyes with black for everyday wear, which can weigh down their look and make the eyes look smaller.

Overly Nude Lips

A common goof that is especially prevalent in the summer is "too" nude lips. Try not to go much lighter than your skin tone, and rely on a slight peach or pink tint to keep you looking sexy, not ghastly.

Neons and Winged Liner

There is too much going on with this makeup, but each component could've worked alone with a bit of tweaking. If you want to wear brightly colored shadow, keep it on the lid and put a neutral in the crease; don't bring neons up so high.

Winged liner can be quite flattering, but it's not always best when paired with such vibrant shadow. A smaller wing with a tapered tip would've looked better with any shadow choice.

Not Blending Makeup Lines

Blending makeup lines is important when applying makeup. With this model, the bright shadow is extended past the crease in the eye and could be softer and more blended with a softer shade.

The bronzer lines could also be better blended. When dealing with harsh bronzer lines, try taking a kabuki brush and lightly buffing over the area to blend the edges seamlessly with your skin.

An Unbalanced Face

When you want a deep, dramatic look, it's sometimes a challenge to tell yourself when to stop with the black shadow. This look could be better with more light tones between the crease and the brow. Since the shadow is so heavy, subtler lashes would have kept the look more wearable. Just as the goal is to keep the makeup balanced on the face, you should strive to keep it balanced on the eyes, too.

Lots of shadow? Go light on the lashes. Light shadow? You can max out the lashes for dramatic events.

Adding Too Much Color

Here is another case of playing up too many features at once, but this time the model uses too much color. The heavy blush competes with the eyes, and the lips have just enough color to throw the balance off a bit further. With neutral shadow shades and a slightly paler lip, the blush could work. The eyes and lips could work together with a lighter blush. All together, however, there is too much color on the face.

If you accidentally put on too much blush, apply a light dusting of mineral makeup over the top, then blend to correct.

Makeup Decals

Some women will add sticker decals to their makeup look to add something extra to the eyes. Leave the stickers and the decals for teens and kids - women should opt for a more sophisticated look. If you are still looking for a bold, eye-catching look, try experimenting with bold colors instead of stickers.

Multi-Colored Eye Shadow

Playing with eyeshadow colors can be fun. However, if you are going to be using more than one color, keep the shades in the same family. Using multiple contrasting bright colors on the like the model can be distracting and overwhelming.

Making Your Eyes Look Tired

Dark smoky eyes can look great. However, when the dark color extends below the eyes and is messy it can make the eyes look tired. Notice how masked the model's eyes are and how tired they make her seem. Dark eye makeup should extend to the crease of the eyelid and not much farther.

Matching Eye Shadow and Liner

In an attempt to create a matching look, some women try to perfectly match their eyeliner and shadow. This can sometimes be done with neutral shades. However, when this is done with bright and bold colors it can be too much.

If you want to try a bold color like this pink shade, either apply a light line on top of the lid, or a thin line underneath the eyes. Do not try to encircle the entire eye with pink.

Skipping Lip Liner with Bright Lips

When you're in a hurry and you want bright lips to make it look like you put more effort into your makeup than you did, it may be tempting to skip liner and apply lipstick straight from the tube, but you should never do this. Reds and magentas need liner to keep them from bleeding outside of the lip line.

Lining the lips and then filling them in before applying lipstick will also give the color more staying power. Applying with a lip brush will give you more precision, leaving fewer goof-ups to chance.

Crazy 80s Makeup

Crazy makeup from the 1980s should stay there. Bright hues, over-applied lids and neon lips are too much of a good thing. Although 80s trends are back, even in makeup, don't go overboard.

If you love brights, opt for a single application and go neutral everywhere else. The final results will be much more flattering, and you'll avoid the over-the-top look found in so many of these makeup mistake pictures.

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Makeup Mistake Pictures