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Makeup mirrors are a critical tool when applying cosmetics. There are many different styles and sizes available. When shopping, choose a mirror with the features that fit both your lifestyle and beauty routine.

Types of Makeup Mirrors

There are several types of mirrors available, and many women own more than one. Magnifying and lighted mirrors are some of the most popular types. Many women may also own a large mirror for general application, and a smaller mirror for travel or daily touch-ups.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying mirrors are superb tools for fine detail work such as lip liner, eyeliner, or multiple shades that require delicate blending to achieve the best results. Magnifying makeup mirrors are also essential for covering fine lines and blemishes, and are particularly helpful for women with poor eyesight that may have to remove their glasses before applying makeup.

  • Get 5x magnification with the Jerdon First Class, 8" Wall Mount Mirror. The wall mount leaves your countertops and dressers free from clutter.
  • Pick up a simple Oval Chrome Mirror from Target, which offers up to 10x magnification. The oval shape makes it easy to check your entire face at once.

Mirrors can go up to 15 and even 20x magnification. Keep in mind that mirrors with higher magnification may be more expensive.

Lighted Mirrors

Many types of mirrors have built in lights, either on the edges or encircling the entire reflective surface. This provides a smooth, consistent light source that enhances makeup application by eliminating shadows that may result in uneven cosmetics. Users should be aware, however, that the way the makeup appears in the lighted makeup mirror may differ from its appearance in natural light.

Stationary Mirrors

Stationary mirrors often have adjustable stands and may also have movable or swivel features for convenience. An advantage of a stationary mirror is that it allows a woman to have both hands free as she is applying cosmetics.

Accessory Mirrors

These small, compact mirrors are sold separately from cosmetic products, but should be a part of every woman's makeup case nonetheless. While they are not sufficient for extensive makeup application, they are convenient for travel and reviewing touch-ups.

Handheld Mirrors

A handheld makeup mirror is essential for verifying the cosmetic's application and coloration from different angles and is easy to use in conjunction with a stationary mirror in a bathroom or at a vanity. Handheld mirrors come in different sizes, but the best will be one that can show the entire face without distortion.

  • A mini hand mirror is easy to toss into your purse, and is inexpensive as well. Keep one in your travel bag and car for quick checks on the run.
  • Handheld mirrors offer plenty of options, too. This hand mirror from Bed Bath & Beyond offers 10x and 1x magnification. It folds for easy storage.

Integrated Mirrors

When choosing makeup, many women consider whether or not the product has an integrated mirror. These mirrors are appropriate for quick touch-ups or checking to be sure the makeup remains flawless. The detriment to this type of mirror is that they easily become smudged and clouded with the cosmetic, limiting its effectiveness. Popular examples include:

Caring for Makeup Mirrors

Over time, powders, oils, and sprays from cosmetics can cloud and smudge mirrors, limiting their effectiveness. If the buildup is especially bad, it can even lead to distortions. When cleaning a makeup mirror, use streak-free glass cleaner and wipe gently to prevent scratches, nicks, or permanent damage that would cause distortions. If at all possible, avoid getting makeup directly on the mirror.

When storing makeup mirrors, be sure they are adequately cushioned from sharp objects, potential pressure, and accidental drops that may chip or break the surface.

Reflecting Your Best Self

Having the right makeup mirror for the job at hand is the key to a balanced, beautiful appearance. Choose a mirror that offer the size, style, and features you need to look your best.

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