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Replacement Bulbs for Lighted Mirrors at Bed Bath and Beyond

If you've ever tried to put your makeup on in a dim bathroom or one where the wall color was reflected off of so many surfaces, you couldn't tell what your finished look actually looked like, you know the importance of replacing the bulbs in your makeup mirror as soon as possible. It's one of the ways you can ensure that you look flawless before you head out the door.

5 Places to Purchase Makeup Mirror Bulbs

You may not be able to pop into the nearest drugstore to purchase your replacement bulbs, but that's okay. Check with these retailers:

Bed, Bath, and Beyond


You can find a selection of makeup mirror bulb replacements at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Here, you'll find:

  • Floxite Mirror Mate? bulbs are available in a set of two for around $7. Model numbers include 7411 and FL-355
    • The 7411 bulbs work for Floxite 15X Mirror Mate Lighted Adjustable Compact (model #FL-15ACP) and Floxite 10X Lighted Mirror Mate (model #FL-10LMM).
    • The FL-355 model works with the Floxite Illuminated 10X Magnification Mirror, Floxite Supervision Illuminated 15X Magnification Mirror (model #FL-615), Floxite Illuminated 7X Mirror (model #FL-77), and Floxite Illuminated 8X Magnification Travel Mirror (model #FL-58).
  • The Floxite Fluorescent Lighted Mirror replacement bulb (model number T5-22W) is available for around $16. It works with several models, including:
    • Floxite Illuminated Mirror in 12X (#FL-612), 7X (#7233-7)
    • Fluorescent Lighted Cosmetic 8X/1X Magnification Mirror (#7085-8)
    • Deluxe Lighted 8X/1X Magnification Mirror (#7087-8)
    • Fluorescent Lighted Cosmetic 8X/1X Bronze Magnification Mirror (#7090-8)
    • Illuminating Fluorescent 8X Magnification Mirror (#FL-8DS)
    • Illuminating Fluorescent 10X Magnification Mirror (#FL-10DS).
  • Conair® replacement bulbs are available in a number of models. Options include:
    • Zadro's Illuminated Polished Chrome Magnification Mirror 20-watt replacement bulb is available for about $6. This bulb works in Conair' 5X/1X and 8X/1X mirrors.
    • Bulb model #RP-3435B, available for $10. RP-3435B is compatible with Conair's Illuminated Magnification Mirrors, including models BE66SN, BE66BB, BE17, BE67BR, BE67SN, BE18LC, BE67BB, BE103, and BE103BRD.
    • Model RP65B, available for around $6, is compatible with Conair's Halo-Lighted 5X Magnification Chrome Wall Mirror (#BE8WMB) and Illuminated Wall-Mount Swivel 5X/1X Magnification Mirror (#BE6WMR).
  • The 22-Watt Round Fluorescent Light Bulb from Zadro, which only works with the dimmable fluorescent dual-sided mirror by Zadro?, is available for around $10.
  • Another Zadro bulb, the 7-Inch Surround Light replacement bulb, is available for around $10.

Shopping Considerations

When you shop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond online, you can check for the bulbs you need at your local store. That way, if you need them quickly, they may be just a short drive away. You can even reserve them online and just go pick them up within hours to save time. The downside to shopping online here for replacement bulbs is the shipping price if you have to have them sent to you - you may pay as much for shipping as you do the bulb! Returns, however, are free.



At Zadro, you can find replacement bulbs for all the makeup mirrors they create, including the:

  • 13-watt ZL Series Bulb for $6, which works with mirror models ZLD48, ZLP05, ZLP35, ZLW05, and ZLW37
  • 15-watt replacement bulb for model VANCOS1 for $6
  • Set of two 20-watt bulbs for OVLV68, OVLW68, and RDV68, for $2.50
  • 25-watt ZLS series bulb, which works for ZLS36 and ZLS05, for $2
  • 7-inch replacement bulb for surround light mirrors from the 2000 series, including SA, SL, SV, SW, SS, MSA, MSW, and MAX110, available for $10.
  • 9-inch replacement bulb for models SLV410, SLW410, SLVT410/SLVT710, and CLV581, for $10
  • 9-inch replacement bulb for GLA75, which costs $10

Shopping Considerations

Zadro accepts PayPal payments, which may make shopping their a little more convenient for some customers. While you do need to consider shipping fees, this retailer has the best selection of Zadro bulbs. Returns don't seem incredibly easy, though, with an RMA number listed as a requirement, paperwork, receipt necessary, and a potential 20 percent restocking fee. Be sure you order the correct bulb to avoid having to deal with returns.



As you may have expected, you can find makeup mirror replacement bulbs of all kinds on Amazon. Just to name a few, there are:

  • Jerdon JPT25W 25-watt replacement bulbs (a two-pack) is available for $6. These can be used with a variety of incandescent lighted mirrors that use 25-watt bulbs.
  • Conair 20-watt incandescent bulbs (one clear, one blue) are available for around $10. These bulbs are for Conair Double-Sided Illuminating Mirrors in model numbers BE18NX and BE18LCX, and can also be used in TM7LX, TM8LX, and BE20, which have incandescent variable lighting.
  • The 10-watt S11 Bulb/130 Volt/Intermediate Base Frost from Bulbrite for just under $4 is another option that seems to fit several different types of makeup mirrors. Users report even being able to use these bulbs in some vintage model makeup mirrors.
  • The Conair RP65 Illuminated Mirror Replacement Bulb is available for about $6. This bulb can be used with the Conair Halo-Lighted 5X Chrome Illuminated Wall Mirror (model number BE8WMB) or the Conair Illuminated Wall-Mount Swivel 5X/1X Magnification Mirror (model number BE6WMR).

Shopping Considerations

Returns and orders are generally fairly easy with Amazon, but because of the low price point, some of these options are only available as add-on items on other orders. Unless there are other items you need, this increases the overall cost (you may have to buy something you weren't going to buy at the same time) and creates a roadblock to getting the bulbs you need. However, if there are other items you need, bundling your purchases together on a single Amazon order can help you save shipping costs.


Selection carries only one replacement bulb model, but it's a good option if you happen to need the one they have. They carry 20-watt replacement bulbs for the Double-Sided Illuminated Mirror. It is available for around $11.

Shopping Considerations

PayPal is also a payment option on this site. The cost of having the bulb shipped can be nearly as much as the bulb itself. The same bulb is available on Amazon, where you may be better able to bundle purchases to save on shipping. Returns are easily processed as long as you haven't had the product for longer than 30 days and it can be returned in new condition.



Brookstone doesn't have a huge selection, but you may be in luck and need just the one they have. The Brookstone makeup mirror bulb is for the 10X/1X Natural-Light Tabletop Makeup Mirror (Brookstone item number 634238) and 10X/1X Natural Light Wall Mirror (item number 634246). It costs around $10.

Shopping Considerations

Though several payment options, including PayPal and Amazon, are listed, there's the possibility again that you'll be paying as much for shipping as you're paying for the bulb itself. It may be worth calling your local store to check their inventory.

Tracking Down the Right Bulbs

If you can't find the specific bulbs you need for your lighted makeup mirror in the list above, contacting the makeup mirror company directly may be helpful. The representatives will likely be knowledgeable about each model they offer and the bulbs that will work with it. Make sure you have your makeup mirror model number ready when you call or email, so they can offer you their best advice and hopefully even help you place an order directly through them.

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