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Makeup Christmas Gifts

Holiday gift sets make great gifts.

Give the gift of style and beauty with makeup Christmas gifts.

Ideas for Makeup Christmas Gifts

  • Makeup Christmas gifts are often available in special gift sets. These synchronized packages are often attractively arranged, with color-coordinated rows of eye shadow and extensive blush pallets. They may even come pre-wrapped for convenient gift-giving.
  • Instead of relying on prepackaged makeup Christmas gift sets, get creative with your own gift basket or bag including a handpicked assortment of products. For an inexpensive option, collect a variety of samples for your gift bag.
  • For the woman who has everything, buy her favorites and place them in an attractive package. It won't be the most exciting gift, but she'll appreciate the practicality and the money she'll save when she doesn't have to buy makeup for another month or two.
  • Buy someone makeup she would never splurge on herself. If she always wears sensible shades but dreams of glamour, buy her a compact filled with sparkling jewel tones. For the thrifty shopper who scrapes the bottom of the bargain bin at Wal-Mart, buy her a luxurious product from the makeup counter at Macy's.
  • Consider adding variety to your gift by moving beyond just makeup. There is always a need for updating and replenishing items such as general skincare products, makeup tools, and accessories for applying makeup.
  • Makeup books and beauty magazines are also an option for any makeup diva who enjoys new makeup tips and ideas.
  • A complete makeover is another makeup Christmas gift alternative. Give the gift of your time, and make a day of it with lunch and shopping.
  • For the fastidious recipient, gift certificates can be useful. Purchase one from an online retailer like Eyes Lips Face, a beauty shop, or a local department store.

Things to Consider

While makeup is welcomed by most women, there are a few things you should keep in mind before purchasing it as a Christmas gift.

Quality vs. Quantity

If you're buying makeup Christmas gifts in prepackaged sets, these makeup assortments can be quite extensive. You may find ten shades of lipstick, fifteen bottles of nail polish, and fifty shades of eye shadow combined in one carrying case. Who really needs this many colors?

If the recipient loves to try out new looks, then a large set may be perfect for her. Likewise, numerous products and colors may be useful for someone who is new to regular makeup use. The assortment will give her a chance to experiment and find the best color combinations for her face without spending tons of money.

However, most women won't make use of even half of the colors in a variety-pack of makeup. In addition, when you buy a large collection, you often sacrifice quality for quantity. If you want to give your friend or loved one a more useful makeup Christmas gift, consider buying her one or two pieces from a high-end makeup collection like Lancome or Guerlain.

Younger Makeup Wearers

If you're giving a makeup Christmas gift to a young teen, you will want to check with her parents first. You don't want to start a family fight by giving a 13-year-old lipstick she's not allowed to wear for another year. If you don't have a chance to obtain parental approval, keep it safe with nail polish, lip balms, and lip glosses in subtle shades.

Be Observant

Try a little detective work to discover the appropriate shades or to learn about someone's favorite brands. What makeup products does your friend use at work? What lipstick do you always see in your aunt's purse? Snooping through someone else's bathroom cabinets isn't recommended, but you might ask a spouse or significant other to have a look and report back to you.

Don't Be Pushy

Don't impose your own taste on someone else through your makeup Christmas gift. If you love red lipstick, but you know your sister prefers pink, this isn't the time to try to win her over to your opinion. If someone you know never wears makeup, and you think she should, dedicating her Christmas gift to the cause probably won't have the intended effect, and may actually offend her if she thinks the underlying message is that she needs to wear makeup.

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Makeup Christmas Gifts