Makeup Brush Bag

Having the right brush bag is helpful.

Keep your delicate cosmetic tools safe with a durable makeup brush bag. This is an absolute necessity for anyone who uses cosmetic brushes regularly.

Benefits of a Makeup Brush Bag

If you've ever searched in vain for that errant lip brush or wondered where that enormous blush brush could have disappeared, you already understand the importance of owning a quality makeup brush bag. This is a fantastic investment for anyone who regularly employs cosmetic brushes as part of her daily regimen. Not only does it keep them clean and separated from each other, it also provides brushes with an ideal storage space.

Even women who don't use brushes everyday should consider storing them in a bag. These bags are available in a wide variety of styles, and most cosmetic companies offer their own brushes and brush bags.

What to Consider

Just a quick search of makeup brush bags will provide you with an endless, confusing list of choices. Don't be daunted by the task of choosing one, though. Before you make your purchase, consider the following points:

  • How many brushes do you plan to store in the bag?
  • Do you travel a lot?
  • Do you already own makeup brushes?
  • Are you considering purchasing a new set of brushes?

Based on your answers, you can begin to narrow down your selections.

Types of Brush Bags

Forget about trolling the aisles in a frustrated search for the ideal makeup brush bag. A brief overview of the types of bags available will make the decision much easier. Here is a sampling of makeup brush bags and their unique features:

Pencil Cases

It's likely the most chic pencil case you'll ever own. These cylindrical cases keep brushes upright and neatly stored in one specific area. The beauty of these types of cases is in their portability. It's just as easy to toss in a bag as it is to store on top of the vanity. Examples of pencil case-style makeup brush bags include:

  • Make Up For Ever Dany's Pouch: This clever "pouch" is really a case that stands tall and houses everything from brushes to pencils. When opened, the lid can be used as a miniature "trash can," a feature that comes in handy while applying makeup.

Brush Rolls

One of the more common types of brush bags, the roll is soft and feminine. It has a boudoir-like appeal that makes it a gorgeous vanity-top accessory. Of course, it's available in many styles, sizes and colors, so some will be more utilitarian while others will be more glamorous. No matter what type you choose, though, it promises to be functional.

  • MAC Classic Brush Roll: Count on MAC to create something that's both efficient and elegant at once. This brush roll is constructed of nylon- and wool-blended fabric. Unroll it to reveal a smart, slotted section that will keep each brush separate and in place. This bag self-fastens easily.
  • Tools of the Trade Brush Set: If you're in the market for a new set of brushes, you'll hit the jackpot with this useful tool kit. It contains five professional makeup brushes, all housed in a faux leather brush roll. The roll is so classic and chic, it could easily be mistaken for a clutch. It offers the following additional features:
  1. Velcro brush loops: Detachable loops make it easy to remove and replace the brushes without causing damage to the delicate brush hairs and changing their shape.
  2. Daily brushes: '''These are the basic essentials for any makeup brush collection. They include:
  • Blush/powder brush
  • Foundation brush
  • Double-ended eyeshadow smudger/shadow blender
  • Double-ended brow/liner brush
  • Double-ended lip/concealer brush

Remember, if you are on the hunt for new makeup brushes, keep an eye out for multifunctional kits like this one.

Where to Purchase

Makeup brush bags are readily available at many drugstores and beauty retailers, including:

Most major cosmetic companies also offer their own brush bags and makeup cases. Simply visit the company's web site and search for tools and accessories.

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