MOR Grapefruit Lip Gloss

Fall in love with grapefruit lip gloss!

Lip gloss lovers everywhere are clamoring for MOR Grapefruit Lip Gloss. This lip balm not only smells great, but leaves lips feeling softer, smoother and more kissable. Unlike some lip balms that don't leave any trace, MOR lip balms leave a light shine on the lips.

About MOR Cosmetics

This cosmetics line is inspired by "traditional apothecary". MOR blends traditional ingredients with more modern advances in makeup technology for a very unique, old-world feeling with new world conveniences. The MOR designers are Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor, both Australian. Their endeavors have ranged from body care and makeup products to interior design pieces, such as lamps, vases and candle-holders. Their style is known as urban-chic. Today, their focus and passion is on the body care and makeup lines. Many celebrities and high profile people enjoy MOR products, including Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes and Oprah.

Why Fans Prefer MOR Grapefruit Lip Gloss

Although MOR offers a wonderful line of glosses in a variety of flavors and tints, the grapefruit product is actually more a lip balm than a gloss. Although you will get a nice, natural sheen from this product, it is not as glossy as a traditional glossing product, so you may want to wear it with other products.

The MOR lip balms are packed full of conditioning products, including African shea butter and beeswax. Because this lip balm softens lips and helps cure dry, cracked lips, many wearers use MOR Grapefruit Lip Gloss year round either alone or under another gloss or lipstick. Most MOR lip balm fans wear the product under lipstick. You can even layer three times, if you'd like: MOR lip balm, lipstick color, high gloss product.

The tangy, citrus smell of this gloss makes it popular with those who enjoy a soothing citrus scent. One thing that is important to note is that some perfumes will compete with the scent of the balm, so watch what you wear with it, although the smell of the lip balm is fairly mild and pleasant.

You've probably noticed that many event planners now ask that people not wear heavy perfumes and fragrances to conferences and get-togethers. This is to protect those with product allergies. However, this lip balm has a light enough scent that it shouldn't bother the majority of allergy sufferers. This can provide you with a hint of scent at public events without stifling those around you who might grow ill from a heavier perfume or cologne, unless they are highly sensitive to even more natural products.

MOR lip balm comes in three different flavors: grapefruit, cumquat and passion fruit. MOR uses high-quality and many natural ingredients in their lip balms. Because lip gloss wearers often eat off their gloss, natural ingredients are always welcome. This prevents the wearer from ingesting too many chemicals, which could be bad for your health.

Making it Glossier

If you love the conditioning of the grapefruit lip balm, but want a little more color or gloss, MOR has another product that you'll want to invest in as well.

Although you could use a different brand name gloss, the MOR products work best together for lasting gloss power.

Get it Now

If you love this lip gloss, get it now. This item is being discontinued from the MOR lineup. There are still some tins available online and at retailers such as Nordstrom's. Don't delay, though, rush right out and buy a stockpile, because the grapefruit balms are going fast!

Some places where you can still get Grapefruit:

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