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Rick Baker Day of the Dead

The scariest holiday of the year is suddenly a much more stylish occasion. This is thanks to the unadulterated glamour of MAC Halloween kits, which are yearly, limited-edition collections that far surpass the average seasonal makeup kit.

Special Makeup for Halloween

MAC, or Makeup Art Cosmetics, is known for its funky, diverse and groundbreaking color collections. The line appeals to everyone from cosmetic novices to makeup artists.

Ghosts, goblins and ghouls have nothing on the frighteningly good fun served up by MAC each year. With Halloween costumes becoming more and more involved and elaborate, it somehow seems fitting that the makeup should be equally creative and eye-catching. While many makeup lines offer Halloween collections, MAC goes the extra step and offers makeup designed to create a specific set of looks.

Every year, makeup fanatics can expect to find a plethora of Halloween looks on the MAC website. The looks range from playful to ethereal to spooky, and sometimes downright bizarre. These looks are achieved using an annual collection of basic MAC products available in special colors, which can be used to create the faces unique to that year's theme.

Each collection includes new, limited-edition products, some of which remain in the MAC cosmetics lineup permanently. Others, once sold out, are discontinued or occasionally brought back at a later date as part of a new collection.

Where to Find MAC Collections

Halloween collections are typically released at the end of September or during the first week of October each year. Each individual cosmetic, such as lipstick, blush, or liners, are available for less than $20. Eyeshadow palette collections are available for less than $45. MAC Halloween collections can be found at:

  • The MAC website - Get the products straight from the source, along with lots of images and suggestions for using them.
  • Belk - Order from Belk online or visit a local retail outlet. If ordering online, shipping can take from four to seven days.
  • Macy's - Macy's carries MAC collections online and in store. Shipping is free on orders over $99.

Halloween 2013

MAC collaborated with special effects and monster makeup legend Rick Baker for the Hollywood movie worthy 2013 Halloween collection. This collection was comprised of colors to reproduce classic Halloween looks of a zombie, the Bride of Frankenstein, and a Day of the Dead spider queen.

The Bride of Frankenstein

This was a mix of beauty and monster makeup. The collection contained an eyeshadow palette of six colors ranging from creamy white to green to black, an almost white foundation, eyeliners, and a plum lipstick.


This collection contained a special product called Monster FX to give an irregular texture to the zombie makeup. It also had paint sticks in black and white, acrylic paint, and eye liners.

Day of the Dead Spider Queen

A vivid depiction of a sugar skull for the Day of the Dead was also included in this Rick Baker collection. It contained acrylic paint, eye liners, and an eyeshadow palette of six colors ranging from a yellow-green to purple to black.

Halloween 2014

MAC teamed up with The Rocky Horror Picture Show for the 2014 Halloween collection in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the classic film. This cult classic-inspired collection included powders, eye liners and pencils, mascara, glitter, lipstick, and nail lacquer. The colors ranged from red lipstick to dark, smoky eyeshadows and liners to color changing nail lacquer and even false eyelashes, blush, and glitter. Most of the colors for this collection were already in the permanent line.


The deranged maid from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the easier makeups to do from this movie. To become Magenta, use Blackberry and Oh, Rocky! eyeshadows from the Riff-Raff palette, black eyeliner, false lashes, mascara, and Frank-N-Furter lipstick from this collection.



Janet did not wear makeup, aside from possibly mascara, in the movie until the finale. To create the finale makeup of Janet, use the white grease paintstick from MAC Pro, the blue frost eyeshadow in the Riff-Raff palette, Crazed Imagination blush, as well as Sin and Frank-N-Furter lipsticks.

Janet makeup

Doctor Frank-N-Furter

Possibly the most iconic makeup of this movie is that of Doctor Frank-N-Furter. It is a simple yet overdone beauty makeup, and easy to achieve on your own.

  1. Start with a pale, almost white foundation.
  2. Using a black eyeliner, draw the eyebrow just above your own. Start even with the nose and exaggerate it into a high arch.
  3. For the eyeshadow, use Graphic Style and Carbon from the Riff-Raff eyeshadow palette. Take Graphic Style, which is a deep silver gray, from the drawn eyebrow to the lashes. Use a brush with Carbon, which is black, to blend it over the eyelid up into the crease of the eye.
  4. Use the black eyeliner to line the upper and lower eyelids on the outer and inner areas of the lids.
  5. Mascara is optional for this look. If you do opt for mascara, go with black and do not use false eyelashes.
  6. Define the cheeks with the Crazed Imagination blush from this collection. Depending on how heavy the first application is, this may take a couple of applications of color.
  7. The lips, like the eyes for this makeup, are a key element. Outline the lips with black eyeliner. Use the Frank-N-Furter lipstick from this collection and partially blend the liner around the edges of the lips.

Looking Forward to Halloween 2015

Be sure to check the MAC website regularly as Halloween approaches. It will likely be updated with a collection of unique faces as well as the products used. Once you find one you love, print it out and take it to your local MAC makeup store or counter. A makeup artist will recreate the look, walking you through the process step by step so you don't miss a moment of your transformation. Call them for an appointment beforehand and be prepared to wow everyone on the big night!

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