Love's Rain Scent

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If you're seeking a rare and fresh green scent that channels the great outdoors, Love's Rain scent is a vintage favorite sure to turn heads!

Love's Rain Perfume Description

Although fragrances come and go, few perfumes have the same nostalgia as a woman's first bottle. Many women remember Love's Rain scent as their very first perfume. Originally designed by perfumer Mem, who's also credited for concocting the famous Heaven Scent, Love's Baby Soft, and Love's Fresh Lemon fragrances, Love's Rain perfume was a subtle and sophisticated outdoorsy scent that was perfect for daytime or evening wear.

The memorable Love's scent launched in the seventies and quickly peaked in popularity by the mid-eighties. Shortly thereafter, Love's Rain was bought by the perfume house Dana, and manufacturing of the coveted scent ceased.

The following fragrance notes were found in this unique Love's perfume:

  • Mossy woods
  • Citrus
  • Greenery

Alternatives to Love's Rain Perfume

Because Love's Rain is a discontinued scent, finding an authentic bottle may take a bit of work, and the integrity of the scent may have been sacrificed if it was stored improperly. Thankfully, there are plenty of new fragrances that blend some of the same notes as Love's Rain and are comparable in both freshness and feminine appeal. As an alternative to Love's, why not test out one of these freely available appealing fragrances and see if they work on your body's chemistry?

  • With Love Hillary Duff
  • Narcisco Rodriguez
  • Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
  • CLEAN Lather to Go
  • Hampton Sun Privet Bloom Eau de Toilette
  • Carol's Daughter Ocean Eau de Toilette
  • Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca
  • Dior Miss Dior Cherie
  • Agent Provocateur

Get Fresh

Fresh and clean scents are a popular alternative to heavy woodsy or strong floral combinations. A fresh clean scent can be worn without fear of overpowering a room, and green outdoor notes lend a very crisp and serene vibe. If you've tried your luck with strong perfumes and want to wear a scent that is light, airy, yet has a bold and powerful bottom note, a green scent may be worth a try. To make the most of your scent journey, it makes sense to visit a cosmetic or fragrance counter and test a variety of fragrances or colognes. Although cologne is generally reserved for men, many women find that a variety of men's fragrances, especially those blended with woodsy or green notes, work wonderfully on their body. Within an hour of testing, a fragrance scent will dissipate into the dry down phase, and you will either love or hate the way the scent works with your body's natural odors.

Purchasing Discontinued Perfumes

Although there are plenty of fresh and clean scents certainly worth a sniff, sometimes only the real thing will do. Thanks to the vast retailers found on the Internet, you may have some luck scoring this beloved Love's discontinued fragrance at the following online perfume retailers at a bargain price. In addition to an Eau de Toilette spray, Love's Rain was also manufactured in a dusting powder, a splash cologne and a body lotion. Why not purchase the whole collection and layer yourself in the woodsy goodness of this famous perfume?

The following retailers may carry Love's discontinued fragrances:

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Love's Rain Scent