Long Lasting Cake Eye Liner

Applying cake liner can be simple.

The eyes may be windows to the soul, but without a product like long lasting cake eye liner to make them bold and bright, they probably won't make a very memorable impression. A hint of dark liner around the eyes can make them stand out for miles. You'll feel doubly confident knowing that your eyes will look great from dusk until dawn!

Cake Eye Liner is Easy

It's one of the simplest cosmetics to use, so don't be fooled by its outward appearance. A small compact of cake eye liner, a brush and a mirror are all you need to draw attention to your eyes in a big way. Cake eye liner differs from traditional pencil and gel liners in its consistency and application methods. The cake compact is typically solid and dry, and can only be applied once an appropriate liner brush is moistened and dipped into the color.

Sounds more complicated than simply gliding a pencil over the eye, doesn't it? Well, maybe it involves an extra step or two, but you'll be singing its praises after you use it for the first time.

While traditional pencil liners have a tendency to skip and drag their way across the delicate skin around the eyes (causing trauma to the area and completely ruining your makeup at the same time), cake eye liners are soft to apply and generally leave little room for error. The consistency is slightly thicker than traditional liners, too, so the line you draw will typically be a bit thicker and easier to smudge. However, don't let that stop you from drawing a discreet, thin line. It's just a matter of choosing the right brush to achieve the particular look you have in mind.

Types of Long Lasting Cake Eye Liner

You're probably familiar with the various long-lasting makeup products on the market today. They promise to resist moisture and remain smudge- and tear-proof all day long. In essence, they're indestructible and often require heavy duty extra strength makeup removers to really get the job done right. Even then, the product may be difficult to remove.

Just like other products, long lasting cake eye liner is not difficult to find. In fact, almost any product can adhere strongly to the eye with a bit of coaxing.

Make Up For Ever Eyeliner Cake

A few colors are absolute classics; you can't go wrong with a simple black or brown. Make Up For Ever's (MUFE) cake eye liner is available in a deep, rich black and a soft, yet thoroughly intense brown. The powder formula makes application incredibly easy. Simply moisten your brush, dip it into the powder and apply. Using a fine-tipped applicator, such as MUFE's Eye Liner Brush, is recommended for flawless precision. MUFE products are available at Sephora.

Pop Beauty Liner Cake

What an ingenious way to put a fresh spin on your eye makeup collection! Pop Beauty's Liner Cake pot contains five enigmatic, vibrant shades that range from cobalt blue to emerald green to silver black. Each shade is surprisingly versatile, and the colors can also double as eye shadows in a pinch!

Napoleon Perdis Cake Eyeliner

At first glance, it's nothing extraordinary, but don't be fooled! Napoleon Perdis' Cake Eyeliner is a handy, do-it-all type of product that no cosmetic aficionado should be without. Whether you're after dark, dramatic cat eyes or something much more low key, you can achieve it with this liner. All you'll need is a small bottle of the Perdis Cake Eyeliner Sealer to do the job right; this product turns the cake into a rich liquid liner and waterproofs it.

Laura Geller Liner Stay

"Stay," indeed. Laura Geller's ingenious eye liner applicator all but eliminates the need for reapplication. This product, packaged like a lip gloss, serves in lieu of a brush to provide continuous wear all day long. The applicator is immersed in a liquid which acts as a "glue" of sorts, and it's the key to ensuring your cake liner stays put! Dip the brush into your cake liner compact and apply as normal. The adhering properties of Liner Stay will set your liner quickly and flawlessly. Use this with any cake liner for great results. Purchase this at QVC.

Seal Your Liner

Though some of the aforementioned products come complete with their own individual liner adhesives, most long lasting cake eye liners do not. It's worth investing in a separate bottle of makeup sealant. Not only does it help keep your creamy cake liner in place, it also ensures the rest of your eye makeup stays put, too! Try She Laq, a clear liquid sealant from Benefit Cosmetics, or Studio Direct Eye Makeup Sealant (available in waterproof and regular versions), for outstanding results. You'll reap the benefits of your new, longer-lasting makeup!

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Long Lasting Cake Eye Liner